Kevin Sorbo ticks yet another box on the road to complete lunacy

KevinSorbo100311Yes, the actor Kevin Sorbo (pictured above playing Hercules) had done it again, and has managed to tick one more box on his journey down the road named “Complete loony street”.

OK, let’s have a quick recap and see where we have been so far prior to this latest blooper…

… well it’s been a week or two, so given the above track record I guess he is about due for another, and sure enough he has indeed delivered.

This time it is an anti-Semitic slip on 5th Sept.

The context is that he was doing a phone interview on “Vocal Point” the radio show hosted by Jerry Newcombe and was discussing how Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ, opened doors to other Christian-based films being made.

Here is how it played out …

Newcombe: “I think Mel Gibson crashed a gate, in a very big way, 10 years ago.”

Sorbo: “Oh, he got attacked when he was shooting ‘The Passion’, From the Jewish community, saying ‘look at the way you’re portraying us,’ I mean, I go, okay, news bulletin: you did kill Jesus.”

Newcombe (corrected Sorbo): “Well, they delivered him over to the Romans, right.

Sorbo: “Exactly, They did deliver him, so they had a hand in it. Um, and what did it do? A $30 million movie made $500 million, so Mel sort of had the last laugh there.

Here is that actual dialog …

OK so the belief is that God so loved the world that he sent his only son to die for us … and the jews killed him … er … how does that bit of double-think work then?


OK, so where are we so far?

… well he hates non-whites, atheists and now the jewish community, so he is indeed on a roll here. To fill the card, he simply needs to tick the homophobia and misogynistic box and we have a full house. He is not quite there yet, but give him a bit more time and let’s see.

There is one thought he should consider embracing from a source that he embraces as the ultimate bastion of all “truth” …

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues. – Proverbs 17:28

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