Hamza Tzortzis is Policing thought crimes

Hamza Tzortzis is a well-known Islamic apologist who is one of the movers and shakers behind the rather dubious hate group known as iERA. A Hate group … really? Yes indeed, you will find a rather extensive report on them here that has been published by the Council of ex-Muslims. A few quick highlights from it concerning … Read more

Stoning is “NOT” a complex issue

Jesus and Mo illustrates what happens when you raise the topic of stoning in a public debate … Now this is where you might be tempted to chip in and suggest that the above is a cartoon, and that it does not in any way represent how a devout Muslim would really reply …. well, hold … Read more

UK based Hate Group has charitable status for promoting intolerance

The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain has produced a rather extensive report on the activities of iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) within the UK that reveals them to not be what they claim at all. So what do iERA claim? They claim that they are a group that is … “committed to educating and informing … Read more

Islamic excuses for Misogyny

Last weekend we were faced with a rather blatant bit of Islamic Misogyny. An Islamic far-right group called iERA organized a public debate at a London University between one of their speakers, Hamza Tzortzis, and Professor Krauss, a theoretical physicist, on the topic of “Atheism of Islam: Which makes more sense?”. As the public arrived, … Read more

Islamic sexual segregation imposed by force at a UCL event in London

If invited to a Mosque or similar venue, then perhaps I would anticipate some religiously motivated rules to be in place, but when the event is a public debate at the University of London, in this case “Islam vs Atheism”, then that is an entirely different matter. Last Saturday 9th, the debate organised by the Islamic Education … Read more