Have COVID-19 Lockdown policies been effective?


Has there been any peer-reviewed research conducted into the effectiveness of the Lockdown policies? Some might seriously wonder if it has all been for nothing. Most would more reasonably conclude that it has been effective, but would be hard-pressed to put a precise number on it. If we turn to the scientific literature, there has … Read more

The PSA emperor is Naked


It is perhaps now being increasingly appreciated by many people that Homeopathy is utter nonsense and does not work, and yet it has been granted accreditation by the UK’s Government run PSA (Professional Standards Authority). As a quick bit of background, just to be clear, homeopathy really is a sham and does not work … … Read more

New study links all soda to an early death


There are specific well-defined and also well-known steps that you can take to promote a healthy lifestyle. A new study appears to suggest that an additional one is “don’t drink soda”. You might perhaps be tempted to think that this is about sugar and that diet soda will be just fine. Apparently not. That also … Read more