How can you have a truly healthy heart?

Is it possible to simply change your lifestyle and diet in order to gain a heart that has no clogged up arteries right into old age? The BBC reports on the results of a new study that confirm that the answer is yes,  … The healthiest hearts in the world have been found in the … Read more

Is Coffee good or bad for you and does it cause cancer?

Did you know that coffee was part of the Group 2b list of foods that are “carcinogenic to humans”? (Group 2b meant that officially it “possibly” caused cancer). Well if you did, and still drank it, then you can now rest a tad easier. This is because WHO have now removed it from that list. You can … Read more

Top 5 sources of good reliable health information

If you just want the list, its at the end, so feel free to skip directly there. In today’s UK Guardian, David Colquhoun, a pharmacologist at UCL who also blogs about pseudoscience and quackery at, has a fabulous article that discusses all the heath-related scams we are exposed to each and every day. If time permits, I do highly … Read more

The judgement of a God upon us … it explains (insert bad event of your choice here)

Glance into the Old Testament within the bible and you find some rather weird rules, for example … Bad haircuts are banned: Leviticus 19:27 reads “You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard.” Pork is banned: Leviticus 11:8, while giving guidance on pigs, reads “You shall not eat … Read more