Can Review Skeptic help you to spot a fake Hotel Review?

I’ve come across a fascinating little site named “Review Skeptic”. There they explain … Review Skeptic is based on research at Cornell University that uses machine learning to identify fake hotel reviews with nearly 90% accuracy. So the idea here is that you can cut and paste any review in and then click “Test It”, and the … Read more

Fake Diplomas

While sitting the the cafeteria of a well-known oil company chatting to a few offshore colleagues, one newly arrived chap was explaining that he had just completed training and was now a fully certified Siebel consultant. That sounded impressive, and as we were chatting he expanded upon this and explained that he had done the 3 day course … Read more

#FoxNewsFacts Trends Worldwide After Fox ‘Expert’ Completely Makes Up Fake Story

Fox News already has a reputation as a highly unreliable and extremely biased source for everything they do and so it came as no surprise to discover one of their “experts” simply making stuff up. The latest rather hilarious (for us) gaff is their terrorism expert, Steve Emerson, making the rather absurd claim that Birmingham in the UK was ‘totally … Read more

The promotion of fake pictures to establish an Islamic conspiracy claim

The above picture is doing the rounds. If in fact you google the image, you will discover that it is all over the place as “evidence” that ISIS are really being run secretly by the US army. As an example, here is a posting of the above on Facebook, that comes with the following text … … Read more

Egypt deploying fake bomb detector as a cure for AIDS

Things in Egypt are really not turning out well at all, the revolution may have offered hope, but then a bunch of religious lunatics hijacked it all and proceeded to impose their specific religious ideals by force upon the population. The Military responded and they in turn grabbed power, and so we are once again back … Read more

Beware of click-bait that is designed to hook into your emotions

Here is a picture that recently went viral on both Facebook and also twitter … It paints an utterly tragic picture and so it touches the heart. Upon finding it many then tag and forward it … the result – it goes viral. One slight flaw – it is fake and not at all what … Read more