Poll: 48% of white evangelicals would support Kavanaugh even if allegations true


Vox has the details of a Poll that was run a week ago by Marist and sponsored by NPR/PBS NewsHour. It reveals that many white evangelicals simply do not give a damn about the victims of sexual abuse… Forty-eight percent of white evangelicals say that embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed even … Read more

Fourteen per cent of Evangelicals left their churches after Trump’s election

This is not an article about religion as such, but rather is a commentary on the response to the Religious Right’s political support for an individual who incarnates the opposite of almost every single thing that they claim they stand for. The UK”s Independent highlights just how bizarre the evangelical right’s behaviour has been … The vast majority … Read more

Claim: Trump has “Strong Moral character” according to many evangelicals

Politico reporter Dan Diamond has tweeted out the following, not because he agrees, but rather because it is quite frankly bizarre … Do you think Trump has strong moral character? · White evangelicals: 44%· Atheists: 18% pic.twitter.com/FAfFPoVeUI — Dan Diamond (@ddiamond) October 16, 2016 I do truly grasp why some evangelicals are supporting Trump. In many … Read more

How do Evangelicals Justify Supporting Trump?

Asking Evangelicals to explain exactly why they openly support Trump is an interesting question because it is indeed quite fascinating to see how they can happily embrace the idea that Trump, a seriously morally impaired individual, is the best possible choice. It should perhaps not surprise us because religion does have a rather rich historical Pedigree of support … Read more

The covering up of Domestic Abuse within evangelical circles

There is a horrendous story blogged in great detail by Libby Anne over on her blog about the covering up of domestic abuse by evangelicals. You might truly wonder how anybody could cover something like that up, but as the story unfolds she carries you along and you do begin to see exactly what does drive … Read more