Dunning-Kruger update – Anti-Vax folks think they know more than doctors

dunning kruger and anti-vax

The term “Dunning-Kruger” is a reference to a cognitive bias. This is where people who know next to nothing on some topic truly believe that the little they do know makes them an expert and grants them the mantle of “expert”. It’s not about bluster or pretense, they truly believe it. In essence, they know … Read more

A few words from a not so Logical Christian

Over at “Lake Country Now” a chap called Al Neuhauser has written an article entitled “The Logical Christian”. Ah, now that sounds interesting, so I took a peek. Oh, and before we get into it, if you are anticipating intellectually challenging and well-reasoned arguments from Al then I better warn you that you will be disappointed. OK, … Read more

Impostor syndrome vs Dunning–Kruger, how does that work?

OK, just a bit of mild fun today. Ever felt that you are caught between a rock and a hard place? OK, so how about this. There is what is known as Impostor syndrome. This is where an individual is unable to come to terms with their abilities and skills, even when faced with clear decisive … Read more