The Alpha source for the news of the LIGO Neutron Star collision

LIGO Neutron Star

There has quite appropriately been an abundance of news and excitement regarding the first observation of gravitational-waves from a pair of inspiraling neutron stars. Most media outlets have been covering it, for example … Washington Post – Scientists detect gravitational waves from a new kind of nova, sparking a new era in astronomy The Guardian – … Read more

Gravitational waves … ripples in the very fabric of our existence

The UK’s Guardian reports that the discovery of primordial gravitational waves by the Bicep telescope at the south pole could potentially give scientists insights into how universe was born. They write … There is intense speculation among cosmologists that a US team is on the verge of confirming they have detected “primordial gravitational waves” – an … Read more

What is there left for us to discover?

The exciting thing about topics such as dark matter and dark energy is that it very strongly highlights how little we really know. We do of course now understand a great deal, but there is still much that is simply not known. Look up and you see the stars, so exactly how many stars are … Read more