Some Humans Just Sacrificed Their Jobs At CERN

Nothing too serious today, just a bit of fun. There is a spoof video doing the rounds of a human sacrifice taking place under the cover of darkness at CERN. Some have been reporting that this is “Probably” a prank, and to that I can only add a facepalm to the thought that anybody gave more than … Read more

CERN LHCb Physicists Observe Three New Tetraquark Particles

Now this is really interesting news (for some), CERN have announced the discovery of new previously unknown particles … Physicists on CERN’s LHCb collaboration say they’ve observed three new exotic particles – X(4274), X(4500) and X(4700) – and also confirmed the existence of a fourth one, X(4140). According to the scientists, each of these particles contains … Read more

Amazing new discovery at CERNs Large Hadron Collider – #750GeV #diphoton

Whispers abound about the discovery of something new and quite unexpected at the Large Hadron Collider. The previous confirmation of the Higgs boson was truly amazing but they were looking for that and expected to find and confirm  it. The recent discovery (not by the LHC) of gravitational waves was also a huge scientific landmark, but … Read more

Consciousness & the Brain: John Searle at TEDxCERN

Are you curious to know what consciousness is and is not? If so, then this is the talk for you. John Searle, one of the world’s great philosophers of mind and language, has spent fifty years thinking about it. So where is he coming from on all this, what is his stance? He points out that … Read more