Is using alternative medicine to treat cancer beneficial?

When faced with the big C, either personally or perhaps somebody close, we would all be willing to try any and every option available. There is of course mainstream medicine and that would and should be utilised as best we can, that is beyond debate (I hope). However, where personal choice can play a role … Read moreIs using alternative medicine to treat cancer beneficial?

Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Once again the concerns regarding the use of mobile phones arise zombie like from the grave and is striking fear into some hearts as it stalks the land. Daily Mail … There is a link between mobile phones and cancer: Radio waves emitted by devices ‘increase the risk of brain and heart tumours’ The Independent … … Read moreDo Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Tom Hanks slams cancer quacks

Now here is a nice little snippet, my news filter managed to pluck out a gem from amongst all the usual content-free tinsel and glitter of show-biz gossip within the Yahoo Celebrity category that encapsulates some good critical thinking commentary being deployed by Tom Hanks. First a quick bit of context – Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson, … Read moreTom Hanks slams cancer quacks

Claim: Bacon is as bad as smoking and will give you cancer

As I’m sure you are aware, scary sounding headlines (“Processed meats cause cancer“) have been popping up all over the place, and some of it is more than slightly over the top and not warranted by the actual research. Here is the Express Headline … OK, the short summary is this : “eating Bacon is … Read moreClaim: Bacon is as bad as smoking and will give you cancer

Quackery and Cancer Care

Brian Palmer has a great article over in slate all about the deployment of Reiki and reflexology as cancer cures. He writes … Most treatments at U.S. cancer centers are evidence-based and cutting-edge. In recent years, however, some of our great temples of healing have begun to dabble in the unscientific and the prescientific. Integrative care centers … Read moreQuackery and Cancer Care