A few thoughts on Boris and the Burka silly season storm


The “storm” that has been generated by an article that Boris Johnston wrote in the Telegraph regarding the Burka is perhaps partially explained by the timing – it’s the silly season. It chokes me to say this but for once, and it is damn rare for this to happen, I agree to some degree with … Read moreA few thoughts on Boris and the Burka silly season storm

Top 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

In a media context, summer is the UK is often referred to as the silly season, a time when frivolous news stories emerge. Other terms include “slow news season” or “dog days of summer”. Its understandable because people are on vacation and parliaments are in recess, hence the activities that generate a lot of media content … Read moreTop 3 Weekly Weird Religious News Items

Religious Uniforms

The Burka is quite frankly bizarre, but we all know that. The very concept of wrapping yourself from head to foot in a bag and glancing out at the world through a slit is even at the best of times utterly eccentric, but beyond that it is also very offensive and is more or less declaring that half the human population should be kept hidden because the other half cannot be trusted. The French response to this has been a complete ban, but is this the best response? I’d like to argue that its not.

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