Just how risky is alcohol?


Now that the media storm has blown over it is time to bite the bullet and dig a small bit into the latest Lancet article on alcohol that came out on 23rd August. It has been generally believed that a glass or two, and no more is actually beneficial. For example a study into individuals … Read more

Does drinking Alcohol really help you to live over 90?

90+ Alcohol

Various media outlets have been reporting the news that the secret sauce for long life is Alcohol … UK’s Independent – Drinking Small amounts of Alcohol may help you to live over 90, study claims Detroit Free Press – Alcohol and coffee can help you live past 90, study says Chicago Tribune – Study: For those over … Read more

Is Zero Alcohol really the safest best option?

J Curve

If you live in the UK then you may be aware that the UK government has issued new guidelines that revise the previously existing twenty year old recommendations … The UK’s chief medical officers say new research shows any amount of alcohol can increase the risk of cancer. The new advice says men and women … Read more