Possible Life on Mars

life on mars

The possibility of life on MARS has just been given another uptick. Nothing certain is known. Instead what has happened is the publication of a new study within Nature Geoscience that independently confirms a previous observation regarding Methane. Methane – A Quick Timeline Back in 2013 the Curiosity rover detected a spike in methane. This was … Read morePossible Life on Mars

Palaeolithic cave art in Borneo

cave art

“The world’s oldest example of cave art” exclaims some of the headlines and associated media clips. So what is this about? Since the 1990s, caves in the remote and rugged mountains of East Kalimantan, an Indonesian province of Borneo, have been known to contain prehistoric paintings, drawings, and other imagery, including thousands of depictions of … Read morePalaeolithic cave art in Borneo

WWF Living Planet Report – Massive decline in the size of populations

living planet report

The World Wildlife Fund, the world’s largest conservation organization with over five million supporters, has published its 2018 Living Planet Report. It is quite frankly very dire reading and that has resulted in the media picking up the story and highlighting it … BBC: WWF report: Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption CNN: This is the ‘last … Read moreWWF Living Planet Report – Massive decline in the size of populations

Nobel Prize 2018: Medicine


Once again the time of year when the most prestigious award, the Nobel Prize, spotlights individuals who have contributed to our understanding. Yesterday, Mon 1st Oct, kicked off the proceedings with the following press release details … The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018 was awarded … Read moreNobel Prize 2018: Medicine

Parker Solar Probe Set to Launch in August

parker solar probe

There are things we simply do not understand about the sun. The surface is 5,778 K, and yet the chromosphere, transition region, and corona are much hotter. Why? There are some ideas, but nobody knows. In order to answer such questions we need to go and take a closer look and that is what the Parker Solar … Read moreParker Solar Probe Set to Launch in August

Neutrinos open new window into universe


As we build better tools to see and observe how things really are our understanding of the universe grows. Multimessenger astronomy now has a new tool within its array of options. What is Multimessenger Astronomy? There are four different ways of detecting things within the universe. These are electromagnetic radiation, gravitational waves, neutrinos, and cosmic rays. The concept … Read moreNeutrinos open new window into universe