Antarctic Ice Sheet Loss – 3 papers

Antarctic Ice Sheet

Today we have 3 scientific papers all focused on the demise of Antarctic Ice sheets. The theme is loosely yesterday, today and tomorrow. Let’s dive right in. Nature: West Antarctic ice sheet and CO2greenhouse effect: a threat of disaster The abstract reads … If the global consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow at its … Read moreAntarctic Ice Sheet Loss – 3 papers

Dramatic drop in Antarctic Sea Ice

Antarctic Sea Ice

You might, or perhaps might not have seen some of the stories regarding the sudden drop in the amount of Antarctic sea ice. As an example, the UK’s Guardian reports on 2nd July 2019 … ‘Precipitous’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014 revealed Plunge is far faster than in Arctic and may lead to … Read moreDramatic drop in Antarctic Sea Ice

Giant Void under Antarctic Ice

Antarctic Thwaites

The media has picked up some stories concerning Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier. For example … Independent: Massive cavity opening in Antarctic glacier is ‘disturbing’ sign of climate change, says Nasa CNN: Gigantic hole two-thirds the size of Manhattan discovered in Antarctic glacier etc… What is the alpha source for these stories? Basically it is the following NASA JPL … Read moreGiant Void under Antarctic Ice

How much Ice is being lost in the Antarctic?


By using satellite data over a period of four decades it becomes possible to work out how much ice is being lost in the Antarctic. So how much is being lost? The answer comes via a new study that has just been published in PNAS on 22nd January 2019. Let’s take a look to see … Read moreHow much Ice is being lost in the Antarctic?