Wingnut Weekly – 9 Feb 2020

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Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to advise us all that …”Trump will not humbly walk away from this impeachment having learned any lessons. No, thanks to GOP senators, he will continue to abuse power and act like a king

What does the acquittal by the wingnut senate majority tell us about Trump?

Nothing at all. No amount of evidence mattered, nor did actually listening to credible witnesses, so they blocked all that.

What we do perhaps learn is that Trump is a test of who would have done what in Nazi Germany. Who would have attended the various rallies and would have been vigorously shouting “sieg heil” with enthusiasm, and who would have the humanitarians that would have been secretly been hiding members of the Jewish community in their basement. I think we have a very clear answer.

And so each and every week the wingnuttery continues. Below is the latest selection.

You can of course make a difference and change things. You chance to do that is coming in November.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

Here for your enjoyment is this week’s selection of wingnut gems. It has all been mined from the stream of befuddled right-wing / religious proclamations …

The Cult of Trump ..

  • Josh Bernstein says the 2020 election comes down to a very simple choice: “Trump or death.”
  • Matt Barber hails President Donald Trump for speaking at the annual March for Life: “He could not be insincere in expressing these powerful words, so he has had a clear change of heart, and I believe that God is responsible for that.”
  • MAGA broadcaster James R. openly admits that he’d vote for Trump over Jesus Christ himself: “I don’t want to take a chance on Jesus. Hell no. I’m going to go over here with Donald Trump because he’s a known factor.”
  • Todd Starnes Praises Trump for Refusing to Extend an Olive Branch to the Democrats
  • Shane Idleman tells pastors that they must do everything they can to ensure the reelection of President Donald Trump: “Amid voter fraud, ballot harvesting and media giants railing against Trump, only a sovereign act of God can bring about a re-election. Also be sure that every trick in the book will be unleashed, from sandbagging to illegal voting.

State of the DisUnion ..

  • When Barack Obama was president, Glenn Beck spent years mocking the State of the Union Address as a “a sick, despicable circus spectacle” and blasting the “attention whores” and “human props” who attended. This time it was a tad different, Beck attended President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address for the second year in a row.

Meanwhile an elderly elected official tearing up a speech triggered a lot of wingnut reactions …

Acquitted (but still actually guilty) …

Super Bowl …

  • Chris McDonald sees prophetic significance in the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl: “These chiefs are about to destroy the cabal which Nancy Pelosi represents.”
    • He might as well be using chicken bones to divine supernatural messages. It would be just as meaningful.
  • Dave Daubenmire Hopes to Sue the NFL for Putting His Eternal Salvation at Risk With the Super Bowl Halftime Show … “I wanna sue them for about $867 trillion.
    • He is under no obligation to watch, there is an off button.
  • A participant on Mike Heath’s “Shield of Faith” livestream program this morning said that if America was really a Christian nation, “true Christians would rise up” and “decapitate those scumbags” who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show.
    • He is clearly channeling his inner ISIS

Homophobia ..

The Truly Christian Way…

  • Someone once accused Rodney Howard-Browne of not being a Christian, and Howard-Browne responded by telling the critic that if he wasn’t a Christian, he would drown said critic in a bowl of cereal.
  • Chris McDonald says that viewers who get upset when he or one of his guests use swear words are engaging in “religious bigotry.”
    • Personally I think that Chris can F**k Off.

Conspiracy claims …

  • Stephen Strang claims that the Democrats intentionally crashed the economy in 2008 in order to help Barack Obama win the election.
  • The pro-Trump cable network One America News continues to peddle conspiracy theories about the death of DNC staffer Seth Rich, despite the fact Rich’s parents have repeatedly pleaded for people to stop politicizing their son’s murder.
  • Were you aware that Lizzo performed a “satanic ritual” on Kobe Bryant shortly before his death?

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

  • Devout Mormons Have No Desire for the Church to Be Transparent With Its Finances
    • They have no monopoly on this. Most religious groups don’t what you to know where the $$ end up.
  • Pastor: Noah’s Family Cleared Away 12 Tons of Animal Feces on the Ark Every Day
    • This is what you say when you lack all critical thinking skills.
  • Trump-Loving Evangelist Whines About Lack of “Moral Decency” in Halftime Show
    • It is Franklin Graham. For him the halftime show was a big problem … but pussy grabbing is not a problem at all.
    • The bit of good news here is that he has Been Rejected by Every Venue for His UK Tour
  • After Taking Over Art School, Belmont U. Will Fire Non-Christian Faculty Members
    • The “crime” that staff are being fired for is simply not believing religious mythology
  • Class-Action Lawsuit: The Catholic Church Is Hoarding Donations to Charity
    • 10% of donations for the poor is actually used to help the poor. The rest the Church keeps. (See first item in this list)
  • Priest: Pro-Choice Lawmakers in Rhode Island Won’t Get Communion in My Church
    • Oh no, don’t take away my magic bread and wine,” said nobody.
  • Praise Jesus! God Destroys Family’s House But Leaves Behind Some Bible Verses
    • If God exists, He’s not a fan of this family.
  • Christian Moms Complain About Lack of “Respect and Dignity” in Halftime Show
    • This same Moms group remains silent regarding anything Trump says or does.
  • FL Teachers’ Aide Told Kids to “Go Back to Haiti” After They Sat During Rituals
    • Common sense prevailed. The teachers’ aide has been suspended from the classroom.
  • AR Lawmaker Wants to Cut PBS Funding Since Billy Porter Will Be on Sesame Street
    • His goal is to make the children of Arkansas as ignorant as he is.
  • Megachurch Pastor Allowed Man With “Attraction to Minors” to Work With Kids
  • 4-Year-Old Dies After Anti-Vaxxers Tell His Mom Not To Treat His Flu
    • She treated him with breastmilk, thyme and elderberry instead of actual medicine.
  • Christian Blogger on Hitting Kids: “You Must Make Sure It Hurts to be Effective”
    • Good parents never have to resort to pain or fear to discipline their children.
  • Right-Wing Pundit Rick Wiles: Jews Are Behind the Iowa Caucus Debacle
    • There’s nothing this man won’t blame on Jews.
  • Boston Doesn’t Have to Fly a Christian Flag at City Hall, Says Judge
    • No city is obligated to fly a pro-Christianity flag.

And that’s a wrap for this week.

Will they continue like this next week?

Yes they will.

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