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Cartoonist Rob Rogers drew the above this week to point out … “Trump refuses to recognize that his hateful racist and anti-Muslim rhetoric is influencing and encouraging white nationalists and neo-nazis to shoot up places of worship

A common tactic often deployed to manipulate people is to deploy fear. The idea is to invoke an emotional passionate response and focus it in a specific direction. If the foundational basis for that is fiction, then what happens will be tragic. The truly weird blending of religion with right-wing politics has become the primary example, and so what gets proclaimed by many is perhaps best tagged as absurdity on steroids. You might wonder if anybody would actually be daft enough to embrace it all as “truth”, and yet in the age of Trump, clearly many do.

What happened during the last 7 days?

US Extremism …

The Right Blames Everything But Right-Wing Extremism for Poway Synagogue Attack

“every extremist murder in the United States in 2018 was committed by right-wing extremists and that the frequency of extremist murders has been increasing in recent years.”

(… and yet we face absurd claims such as this next item last week …)

Obama Fiction is still popular …

  • Dave Daubenmire says that you can mark his words that Barack Obama’s birth certificate will soon be revealed to be fraudulent.

(For this guy the word “soon” is more or less a rock solid guarantee of “never”).

Pete Buttigieg is a new popular hate figure …

  • Bradlee Dean has a message for Pete Buttigieg and …“the homosexual lobby: Sodomy is an abominable choice (Deuteronomy 30:19; Romans 6:15-18, 12:2; James 1:12-15), and it is a choice that has damnable consequences unless you repent.” ..(… except it is not actually a “choice” at all, it is how some are born)
  • It is increasingly difficult to accept Josh Bernstein’s proclamations that he is not anti-gay when he keeps referring to Pete Buttigieg as “Pickle Pete, the sodomite from South Bend.”
  • Randall Terry’s efforts to spread his anti-gay bigotry at Buttigieg’s campaign stops has hit a snag, as Terry and his crew of activists are literally broke.

(The bible also condemns eating shellfish as an abomination, yet nobody appears to be upset about shellfish consumption)

The Illuminati have apparently been spotted …

  • Cory Daniel asserts that Ellen DeGeneres is “with the Illuminati.

(If Ellen is Illuminati, then sign me up, I also want to join)

The Tower of Babel …

  • Mario Murillo says that … “the Democrat Party [is] a tower of Babel where God has come down to confound their language” and so “it’s time for the church to take action. It means we must reach out with greater fervency. Now is the time for mass soul winning−because God has set back the Leftist threat to our freedom. This is no time for overconfidence or apathy. New threats are coming. This is a moment we have been waiting for–when the minds of Americans can change.

(His claim is that God has personally confounded the language of Democrats, and yet he is the one who is babbling incoherent nonsense)

Exorcism over the Radio …

E.W. Jackson Performed an Exorcism on His Critics Over the Radio

“So if any of you are monitoring the program right now and you are out there on the left hating me and encouraging people to hate me and all of that because I am telling the truth according to the word of God, I say, ‘In the name of Jesus, Satan, come out of them now!’” Jackson proclaimed. “In Jesus’ name, hallelujah. Folks, I can see demons trembling right now.”

(I guess it makes sense for him to ask his imaginary friend to beat up his imaginary enemy)

Notre Dame

Mark Taylor: Notre Dame Fire Was God’s Judgment to Expose Its Involvement in Child Sex Trafficking

“It’s a known fact that there are catacombs under that church,” he added. “There are tunnels under that church. We have talked about that many times on your program here where you’re going to see churches exposed—ministries, seminaries—that have tunnels under them that have been involved in sex trafficking, human trafficking, human sacrifice. There are satanic rituals going on in these churches and ministries; they’re trafficking these kids and these people underneath in these tunnels.”

(It is also a known fact that Mark Taylor is 100% wrong almost 100% of the time)

Jesus supports Trump

Kat Kerr Knows Jesus Personally and ‘He Likes Trump’

(I just happened to bump into Jesus the other day. He says that Trump can Fuck off)

The Party Of Satan

Bill Mitchell: Democrats ‘Really Have Become the Party of Satan’…“That sounds like hyperbole to say that they’re the party of Satan,”

(That’s because it is Hyperbole)

Can it all get any more weird?

Yes, yes it can, the following is also all from the last 7 days …

  • Some Guy Desperate for Cash Says He Found the “Praying Hands of Jesus” in Rocks
  • Police: Christian Man, En Route to Bible Study, Looked For Muslims to Crash Into
  • Harlem Hate-Pastor Has a History of Abuse, According to His Former Students
  • Christian Mom: Wives Who Refuse Sex Should Get Over It Since It Won’t Take Long
  • This “Dead” Pastor Will Come Back to Life If You Give Her Enough Cash
  • Bryan Fischer: The Bible Says Bottoms and Tops Are Going to Hell
  • A Very Deluded 50% of Americans Think Evangelical Christians Face Discrimination
  • Two Teens Stranded in Ocean Insist “God Is Real” After Boat Rescues Them
  • Christian Writer: A 5G Network Will Surely “Usher In the Antichrist”
  • “Prophet” Ed Citronnelli Cures a Woman of Demon Semen in This Bizarro Video
  • Creationists Are Furious That Pat Robertson Said They Believe in “Nonsense”
  • Christian “Prophetess” Has Weird Explanation for Bible Verse About Silent Women

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