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weird right-wing news
Cartoonist Rob Rogers drew the above this week to point out – “The Attorney General is acting more like a Trump pet than the head of the Justice Department”

When you embrace a literalist interpretation of a religious text, and are deeply invested in the ideas that yields, and then merge that with the concept that your specific “truth” is the only truth because it has been divinely inspired by a god, and so you have a moral duty to impose this “truth” upon everybody by force, then what results is the deeply weird. It is an incarnation of intolerance, and ignorance.

It is also rather common these days.

What happened during the last 7 days?

Notre Dame still has a bit of traction…

Daniel Lapin: Notre Dame Fire Was Divine Retribution for the Burning of Jewish Books in 1242

(A god that holds a grudge for over 800 years is a real dick)

The Gay Conspiracy

E.W Jackson Thinks He’s the Victim of a ‘Homocracy’ Conspiracy

(Idiots tend to be wholly unaware that they are idiots)

Hijacking a Rainbow is apparently a “Crime”

Scott Lively declares that … “hijacking God’s Rainbow to associate it with the same sexual conduct that He severely condemns in both the Old and New Testaments is not a minor spiritual crime.”

(Bible also declares eating shellfish to be an abomination, but for some reason the homophobic bigots don’t appears to be too concerned about everybody eating shellfish)

The Clinton Indictment

Dave Daubenmire: ‘The Holy Spirit Has Issued an Indictment’ Against Hillary Clinton

On Monday, radical Religious Right activist Dave Daubenmire drove 16 hours round-trip from his home in Ohio to Chappaqua, New York, so that he could stand alone outside of the Clintons’ home and demand that President Trump arrest Hillary, all because God reportedly told him to do so.

Last night, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox News, where he declared that Hillary Clinton needs to be indicted and put in jail, which Daubenmire is now taking as absolute confirmation that “the Holy Spirit has issued an indictment” against her.

(Everything about this guy just screams “Deranged nutter”)

Conspiracy of the week

Chris McDonald: New Zealand Muslim Massacre Was a ‘Set-Up’ to Justify Attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka

“That whole thing at Christchurch was nothing but a set-up,” he said. “There were too many false flags in this to believe that this was not nothing but a planned attack to make Christianity look bad and it set the stage for what happened Sunday.”


Chris McDonald says he is holding his breath until Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rasida Talib condemn the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka …

(Both have already done so long before he said this, he said this to craft the illusion that they had not)

Weather Control

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” and “weather warrior” Kat Kerr is taking authority over Cyclone Kenneth.

(She does this for every storm that pops up, and then claims “victory” when the storm is over)

A Spy in the White House

Rick Wiles asserts that Monica Lewinsky was probably “placed” in the White House by the Israeli government to spy on the Clinton administration.

There was of course lots more weirdness …

And remember, all for just the past 7 days …

  • In Letter to Irish Government, Bishops Admitted Religion Makes Kids Dumber
  • FOX Host Slams Dems (But Not Trump) Over Not-Christian-Enough Sri Lanka Tweets
  • KY Restaurant Sells Shirts Supporting “LGBTQ: Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ”
  • Woman Who Held a Church at Gunpoint with Her Baby Says She’s God’s Apostle
  • Texas Woman Arrested After Threatening to Decapitate and Resurrect Her Parents
  • Christian Protesters Shouted “Sodom and Gomorrah” Chants at Pete Buttigieg Rally
  • Kuwaiti Woman Promotes Semen-Eating, Butt-Worm-Killing Pills to “Cure” Gayness
  • Racist GOP Lawmaker: I Know What Jesus Went Through Because People Hate Me, Too
  • NY Sheriff Compares Himself to Jesus After Officials Suggest Body Cams for Cops
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin: The Bible Says Being a Gay Man Is Worse Than Being a Lesbian
  • Franklin Graham: Pete Buttigieg “Flaunted” His Sinful Homosexuality
  • Christian Post Writer: It’s “Madness” That Pete Buttigieg Kisses His Gay Partner
  • Christian Pastor Accused of Running “Slave Labor Cult” in Michigan
  • Christian “Prophetess”: I Met the Angels Who Stood Outside Jesus’ Tomb
  • This Christian Teacher Ended Her Husband’s Porn Habit… By Shooting Him Dead

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