Weird Religious News – Holding the nation Hostage for a fantasy

Once again the right-wing religious deliver a stream of utterly bizarre and truly weird claims and declarations during the last week. Each and every week it is like this, and no doubt it will continue to be like this.

This spotlight is not a criticism of people for being religious, but rather is an opportunity to laugh at the utter lunacy that emerges from that rather unique blend of right-wing politics and religion. It inspires a passionate rejection of facts and reality, and instead replaces it all with an embrace of a fantasy that is fueled by paranoia, conspiracy thinking, and deep seated insecurity.

What popped up during the last 7 days?

Racism is alive and thriving …

Religious Right Leaders Defend Steve King’s Honor, Demand Apology from House GOP Leader McCarthy

“…his long history of unabashed racism …” …

(If your stance is one that involves objecting to people condemning racists, then you are basically self-certifying that you are the fundamental problem)

The Supreme Court is once again a focus for some …

Religious Right Circles Like Vultures Over Supreme Court; Hopes to Replace Ginsburg With ‘Anointed’ Amy Coney Barrett…

(The fact that some are seriously “praying” for God to kill somebody tells you a great deal about their moral bankruptcy)

What causes a wildfire?

Rick Joyner: California Wildfires Were ‘The Result of Your Sin’

(We might laugh at primitive people thinking that their actions caused the gods to be angry and that causes storms and earthquakes … but hey, here is this idea still alive and kicking in 2019)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Dave Kubal Prays Against the Witches and ‘Diabolical Power’ Operating in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s District

(His argument against her is not her policy ideas, nor her words or actions, but that there are supposedly witches and demons in her district)

Imposing beliefs

(You have to wonder if those that voted for them realise that they are treating their electoral offices as a pulpit to preach from)

Weird Signs …

(What is actually a sign is that anybody believing any of this is deeply gullible)

Weird Actions …

Florida Man Drives Car Into Lake Because Jesus Told Him To…”“Jesus made me the smartest man on Earth, and it’s so hard to have this much responsibility.”

(You might speculate that this involved either drugs or alcohol, but police found neither in his system)

The Wall…

Harry Jackson Says Building Trump’s Border Wall is the ‘Christian Thing to Do’

(Yes indeed, as it says in the Republican bible, “Blessed are those that tell the stranger seeking help to f**k off”)

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