Weird Religious News – GOP Jesus “Blessed are the Rich and F**k the poor”

That “blessed” blend of right-wing politics and religious belief has given us a truly weird form of entertainment. Each and every week it delivers up a constant stream consisting of the utterly bizarre rantings and ravings of these lunatics.

In their eyes, those that advocate compassion for the less fortunate, affordable health care for all, and express a desire to save our planet, are deemed to be the evil and wicked spawn of Satan and crazy extremists. Meanwhile Trump is presented as the anointed one especially chosen by God, and anybody who dares to criticise him is being controlled by dark nefarious supernatural forces.

What weird items popped up during the last 7 days?

AOC is inevitably attracting attention

(Being attacked by these folks is actually a badge of honour, it means that she is doing good).

Mark Taylor has more predictions and observations …

  • God Told Mark Taylor That Another Trump Will Be Elected President“When Hunter asked Taylor if this information was something that he had heard directly “from our good Lord,” Taylor responded affirmatively. “Absolutely,” he said. “I keep telling people, it’s not the last Trump folks. He’s not going to be the only Trump in the White House. There is another Trump coming.”
  • Mark Taylor claims that mass arrests of satanic pedophiles are taking place but that “you’re just not hearing about it.

(Mr Taylor has a very consistent track record of making predictions and claims that are 100% wrong all the time. This is all more of the same to ensure that he maintains that perfect track record)

The Trump Cult was as vocal as it always is …

  • Tim Wildmon explains why Christians must pray for President Trump: “The man is fighting these same people who want to destroy our country and who want to ruin our lives unless we bow the knee to Baal. And they are vicious and they are ruthless. And they, the God-haters, are after President Trump because in many respects – politically speaking – to them he represents us.”… (Promoting stuff that is not true … yep, he sure does represent you)
  • Lance Wallnau Hails God’s ‘Brilliant’ Plan to Re-elect Trump in 2020…“It’s just like when you cast a demon out of a person, which I’ve done many times, they manifest and they manifest many times by screaming and yelling,”… (But that’s a description of Trump and his fans, not his opponents)
  • Sam Rohrer, Gary Dull, and Dave Kistler of the American Pastors Network all givePresident Trump’s presidency a grade of “A” so far. … (Yep, spot on, definitively an A for Asshole).
  • Dave Daubenmire declares that “Donald Trump is a bulldozer. He’s clearing the brush, and then goodness and mercy can follow him. He’s cutting the obstacles down, so we can see what’s really going on. So, goodness and mercy can follow in the aftermath.” … (Is “Goodness and Mercy” some sort of code phrase for “Chaos and Disfunction”?)
  • Pat Robertson says that it makes him sick to his stomach to hear people make fun of the president. … (And yet it makes the vast majority dance with joy)
  • The Family Research Council prays for Trump’s border wall: “Heavenly Father, we have departed far from you as a people, and to the degree we have, we have lost our common sense. We appeal to your mercy, Lord. Grant us time to repent. Save us from our foolishness and mischief. Guide our president and Congress to craft sensible measures to protect our borders” … (When it comes to the bit where I says “we have lost our common sense”, I just can’t argue against that)

… and they also want to expand …

Somebody does not like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady …

Rick Wiles: Tom Brady Is ‘Sleeping With a Witch’“He’s sleeping with a witch,” Wiles added. “There’s deep spiritual ramifications for that. He’s sleeping with a witch. His soul is defiled because he’s having intimate relations with a witch.”

(I’m guessing that he is not a fan of the New England Patriots)

When the above criticism was pointed out to him, this is what then happened …

Rick Wiles Doubles Down: Tom Brady Is Sleeping With the Equivalent of a ‘Serial Murderer’

God hates Reproductive rights…

Sonny Hernandez has a warning for anyone who supports reproductive rights: …

“You must be warned about the great storm that is coming! There are no Doppler radar systems that can detect the size of this storm or when it will come, and no shelter can harbor you from the wrath that will be dispensed on that day, since it will come like a thief in the night. The wrath of God is coming—He will come in fire—to render His anger in fury. When the Lord comes, His enemies will be punished for their iniquity, and with wrathful rebukes, all the adversaries of the Lord shall be broken into pieces. God’s wrath will be kindled hot, and with great vengeance, His enemies will be propelled into Hell where their flesh will melt, and the foul stench of their rotten corps will be swept into the fiery flames that can never be eradicated. On that day, you will beg for mercy, but God will not hear you, because you will be surrounded by a conflagration of misery called ‘everlasting conscious torment.’”

(Apparently every sperm is sacred)


‘There Are No Coincidences’: Chris McDonald Exposes the Demonic Forces Behind ‘A Star Is Born’…“Lady Gaga basically literally performed a satanic summoning of a demon at the Super Bowl [in 2017],” McDonald said. “The halftime show was nothing but a demonic ritual.

(Demons never seen to bother those that don’t embrace the fantasy that they are real)

Demon Scam of the week

This Valentine’s Day, Lance Wallnau Will Help Your Sweetheart Banish Those Demons—40% Off!…”Order today, and you’ll get 40 percent off the regular price of Wallnau’s three-CD set, “Breaking Controlling Spirits.” (Regular price: $29.97 – Special Valentine’s Day price: $17.97.

(Once you con people into believing there is a problem, you can then proceed to milk them of their $$$).

Truly Weird Stuff

There is no denying that there is some rather strong competition amongst those seeking a Gold medal for “weirdest item of the week” …

  • Christian “News” Outlet: Burnt Eggs “Can Summon a Demon”
  • WV Legislator, a Baptist Pastor, Says “The LGBTQ” Are a “Terrorist Group”
  • Self-Described Theologian Says Female Pastors Are as Bad as Sex Offender Pastors
  • WY GOP Lawmaker: I Support the Death Penalty Since That’s How Jesus Was Executed
  • Pro-Trump Pastor Compares Anti-Trump Christians to Nazi Enablers

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