Weird Religious News – Bad Ideas

Do I really care about weird religious news? I really don’t mind what people believe or how they practise their belief. What I do strongly object to is the attempt to impose religiously inspired policies and beliefs by force on everybody else.

For example, if  you believe gay marriage is wrong, then don’t marry somebody of the same gender. When you then insist that everybody must conform to your belief, then the problem is you. Gay rights are humans rights and human rights are gay rights.

As another example, you might believe that women are inferior, should remain silent, be subservient to men and obey. If you are a women and truly believe this, then best of luck to you with that. If however you are instead a man telling women this, then the problem is not the women, its you. Women’s rights are human rights and human rights and women’s rights.

Bad ideas flourish when they are given a free pass and left unchallenged. There are far better ideas; we really have moved on beyond much of this.

Many who believe, perhaps most, are just as appalled as those that do not believe by much that bubbles to the surface. This posting is not about belief vs non-belief, but instead throws a spotlight upon the utter lunacy that has popped up during the past seven days. Most who do hold a belief would perhaps read what is below and advise “that’s not us, that is not what I believe“.

I believe you.

Sadly there are also people who do buy into this stuff in a big way, and truly do believe it.

What happened during the past seven days?

Trump is still apparently the new Messiah …

“Immigrants are evil God-haters” … says a guy who is descended from immigrants …

In fact, the Topic of Immigrants popped up quite a bit …

Anybody and everybody who is not exactly them is apparently pure evil incarnate …

Right Wing legislators jumped into bed with Evangelicals …

Christian Love, in the sense of loving to hate, continues to prevail …

God loves everybody … except George Soros, the SPLC, and Sarah Silverman, and … well anybody really.

  • Dave Daubenmire is positive that God “doesn’t love George Soros.”
  • Dozens of radical Religious Right activists are demanding that media and other outlets stop citing the Southern Poverty Law Center: “We call on government agencies, journalists, corporations, social media providers and web platforms (i.e., Google, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon) that have relied upon this discredited organization to dissociate themselves from the Southern Poverty Law Center and its ongoing effort to defame and vilify mainstream conservative organizations.
  • Baptist Pastor: Sarah Silverman Is a “God-Hating Whore” Who Must Die
  • Baptist Pastor: Atheists Are Reprobates Who Deserve Death (But Not Our Sympathy)

Inevitably, weird conspiracy theories keep playing whack-a-mole with us …

… and of course the con men are out and about as usual …

  • Jim Bakker: Buy My Silver Gel Because It Will Cure “All Venereal Diseases”

There really are better things for Christians to be offended by

This chart by Crispian sums up the utter lunacy of the stance many Christians are taking. It blows the claim that they have the high moral ground right out of the water and reveals that there really is a far better way to live.

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