Weird Religious News

weird news

The degree of weird that emerges from the blending of right-wing politics and religion is fast becoming the norm. What is listed below is neither unusual nor rare, but instead is just another week of more of the same.

It is tempting to be complacent about it all, but I’ll continue to mock the utter absurdity that now prevails with my weekly postings. Throwing a spotlight upon it is a reminder that it is neither normal nor acceptable.

What Happened during the last 7 days?

Paranoid, delusional BS keeps bubbling up …

(It takes a truly special kind of stupid to digest this stuff and embrace it as “truth”)

The Wall …

Incoherent Law …

Bryan Fischer’s Understanding of the First Amendment Grows Ever More Incoherent…”Fischer repeatedly insists that the First Amendment, in addition to not applying to non-Christians, only restrains Congress and the federal government, while also complaining endlessly about entities which are not Congress or the federal government supposedly violating the First Amendment.

(When your foundation is one where basic facts are myths and myths are basic facts, then actually understanding law will always be very elusive)

An apology results in a demand for an apology …

The National Organization for Marriage is demanding that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard apologize for apologizing for her past anti-LGBTQ views and statements.

(They need to apologise for demanding an apology for her issuing an apology).

LGBTQ & The Pences

Karen Pence is Teaching Art at an Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Evolution Christian School …”The spokesperson for Karen Pence is furious anyone would even point this out.

(To be honest, I think I would have been shocked to discover she was teaching at a school that was not anti-evolution and not anti-LGBTQ, all she has done is reaffirm what we all know)

Then came this … Mike Pence Falsely Claims Critics Are Attacking His Wife’s Christian Faith …

(Er no, she is not being criticised for being a Christian, she is being criticised for working with people who openly discriminate).

… and this also happened … Karen Pence Inspired an #ExposeChristianSchools Horror Story Hashtag.

Conversion Therapy …

Notorious Mormon Gay Conversion Therapist Now Says He Just Wants to Date Men…

(Yet one more example of – those who shout really loudly about this usually have something to hide)

Child abuse …

Cardinal Claims He “Forgot” That He Knew About a Priest Abusing Kids

(Seriously … how exactly do you “forget” having a conversation like that)

The “Crime” of “Just being Muslim” …

Christian Radio Host Gets Mocked for Absurd Tweet Attacking Female Democrats…”He didn’t go after their policies. Instead, he trashed them for cohabitating with a partner without being married, marrying a man who had a child from a previous relationship, being a lesbian (or as he put it, “LESBIAN”), officiating a same-sex wedding, being a single mother with a lesbian daughter, and being Muslim. (Just being Muslim.)”

(…but Trump, the guy who has five children with three wives and paid hush money to two of the women he had affairs with, is still the Great White Hope according to this same guy)

Some have a monopoly on really bad ideas …

Baptist Preacher: Rebellious Kids in Public Schools Should be Stoned to Death

(If you have not already done so that about here is perhaps the best place to proceed to facepalm)

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