The religious conversion of Bill Maher

KPfXBplOK, so this is not so serious today and concerns the musings of a Christian playing “What if” in response to a satire clip by Bill Maher.

I’ll post Bill’s religious conversion clip at the end (it’s a bit of hilarious satire), but first lets take a look at what this lady has been dreaming about. She writes

What if Maher could actually be used by God in much the same way his apostles were during Jesus’ walk on Earth?

What if by prayer and pleading the Christians in America called upon God to turn Maher’s heart and to open his eyes –so that today’s avowed hater of Christ becomes one of tomorrow’s greatest converts to Christ and defenders of the faith? Acts 9 describes how God turned the persecuting Saul – also called Paul — into the one of the world’s best-known apostles of Christ.

We have a few points here.

First, Bill Maher is not a “hater of Christ”, but rather is a comedian who simply mocks daft religious ideas that don’t have a single jot of credible evidence to back them up.

Secondly, we have a rather odd comparison. There is Paul, a deeply fanatically religious individual whose “conversion” was to simply swap one irrational belief for another  and then makes up a story to explain that. Then you have Bill Maher, a comedian who ridicules and pokes fun at what are essentially ridiculously weird beliefs … yep that is totally the same thing.

She carries on like this …

he spends so much time persecuting something that he doesn’t even believe in speaks volumes

Satire and comedy that is based on actual beliefs is equated to “persecution”, now that is a claim that truly does speak volumes, and in this case the specific word that immediately springs to mind is “delusional”. As the old saying goes, if she really does not like being “persecuted” like this, then perhaps she should consider the idea of not promoting such silly beliefs as truth.

Bill Maher’s big secret

Now for the fun part, if you have not seen this, then you will love it, I promise … it starts with Annabelle Gurwitch catching Bill praying in his dressing room, and wants to know what is going on …

… and he nails it beautifully with that Kirk Cameron crack at the end.

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