Wingnut Weekly – 15 Dec 2019

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this past week to point out … “Following the Pensacola shooting, Trump once again defended the despotic murderer, MBS, rather than assigning any blame of terrorism to Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of 15 of the 9/11 terrorists.“

When exposed to the utterly bizarre claims that emanate from that rather distinct blend of religious fundamentalism with right-wing politics you do have to wonder if it is real. Do those making these claims actually believe what they are saying, or are they simply pandering to the crowd?

Examples this week includes claims such as …

  • Trump really created the Space Farce Force because a giant asteroid is heading our way as predicted by the bible
  • Criticism of Melania’s choice of Christmas decorations is … “an attack against our church and against our Lord
  • The reason Impeachment is happening is because of Women speaking out in public
  • Trump Critics are not human
  • etc…

It might be tempting to think that those spewing such nonsense are all people simply running a con and that they don’t actually believe any of this. That is probably true for some. I very strongly lean towards the conclusion that Jim Bakker falls into that camp. For others however, I suspect sincerity prevails. For those that are sincere, you can also be certain that they are indeed sincerely wrong.

How can you know this?

They never cite anything and have exactly zero evidence.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

Here for your enjoyment is this week’s selection of wingnut gems. It has all been mined from the stream of befuddled right-wing / religious proclamations …

The Cult of Trump ..

Impeachment …

… and of course …

  • Mark Levin is already demanding that “the next president who’s a Democrat must be impeached.”

Conspiracies ..

  • Sandy Rios Thinks the Left Infiltrated the FBI
  • Austin Miles declares that the impeachment effort against President Donald Trump is a … “war against every patriot conservative and Christian who will stand against the Communist Party USA and prevent them from taking our country into their captivity. That is their intentions with George Soros’ money behind them.”
  • Rep. Phil Roe Welcomed Radical Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Chris McDonald to Capitol Hill
    • McDonald is the guy who has used his program to …
      • assert that opposing President Donald Trump is to oppose God himself, 
      • declare that Hillary Clinton “has made a covenant with the evil one,” and …
      • claim that Barack Obama uses coded “pedophile talk.”
    • Later, just hours after meeting with Rep. Phil Roe in his office on Capitol Hill, Chris McDonald was back on his webcast, 
  • The Family Research Council asserts that the Southern Poverty Law Center … “is engaged in a direct assault on American families by stealing the innocence of children through exposure to biblically prohibited sex of all kinds and now the surreal world of gender identity confusion.

Stupidity Incarnate …

  • Dave Daubenmire is an anti-vaxxer and very proud that his grandchildren have not been vaccinated.

Demons & Witches …

  • Lance Wallnau thinks that he knows what is responsible for the New England Patriots’ struggles: “Ever since the news went public that Tom Brady’s wife practices witchcraft and incantations to empower her husbands wins, I believe the tide has turned.
  • Mark Taylor: Some Trump Critics Are so Demon-Possessed That ‘They’re Not Even Human Anymore’
  • Dave Daubenmire knows that the Bible says that all who believe in Jesus possess the power to cast out devils, and he wants to know why Christians aren’t putting that power to use by casting the “lying spirits” out of Rep. Jerry Nadler and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Rick Wiles corner …

This feels a bit like somebody building up to going postal.

Fan Clubs …

The Greta Fan club …

  • Sheila Zilinsky is not a fan of that “little Greta ‘I Have No Soul’ Thunberg, the little Nazi Hitler Youth.”

The New York Times Fan Club …

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

  • A Church Organist Was Behind a Supposed Hate Crime After the 2016 Election
  • Catholic Bishop Charged with Stealing $142,000 from Elderly Church Member
  • Christian Youth Minister: We Need to Tell More Kids They’ll Be Tortured in Hell
  • Donald Trump to Jewish Crowd: You Have to Vote for Me or You’ll Lose Your Money
  • An Ohio Lawmaker Lied About His Ties to the Christian Right’s “Project Blitz”
  • The Man Who Slapped a Female Reporter’s Butt on TV is a Christian Youth Leader
    • Then this also happened … Christian Leader Who Grabbed Reporter’s Butt on TV Arrested for Sexual Battery
  • Christian Hate Group Condemns “Bizarre Disgrace” of Singular Pronoun “They”
  • Arkansas School Board Whines About Inability to Force Christianity on Everyone

Just Weird …

  • This Jesus Christ Video Game Trailer Doesn’t Make Any Sense
    • Spoiler alert: Jesus dies.
  • This Creepy Christian Truck is a Mobile Baptism Unit … All that’s missing is a sign saying “Free Candy.”.

Finally …

Don’t forget that there are also plenty of decent people out there prepared to take a stand …

  • In Rebuke of GOP Cruelty, Church Puts Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in Separate Cages

Social Ninja of the week

Trump tweeted this in response to the Time “Person of the Year” announcement …

Greta changed her Twitter Bio to be as follows

Melania is supposed to be working on the issue of Cyberbullying. If she really was then she needs to start with her own “beloved” husband.

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