Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News

Cartoonist Rob Rogers drew the above this week to make the following point … “Humans are killing the planet. One million species are in danger of extinction. It is too late to be discussing small fixes. We need drastic measures.

Every single week weird claims and pronouncements pop into the news cycle. This week was no exception, it was simply more of the same.

Normally nobody would be bothered because it did not matter. Unfortunately, we live in an age where right-wing politics has jumped into bed with religious fundamentalism and so the kooks and cranks are in a position where they can make decisions that can impact many lives. Evidence-based science raising the alarm about the climate and ecological disaster we face is dismissed as a Chinese hoax. Values such as tolerance, and basic empathy and decency have been tossed to one side. In such a climate it becomes important to throw a spotlight upon it all so that we can mock, belittle, and shame the utter insanity of it all.

Here is this week’s offering.

What happened during the last 7 days?

New definition for “Sin” – voting democrat

  • Dave Daubenmire declares that … “if you vote for a Demoncrat you better check your theology. God is not a Republican, but I guaran-darn-tee you He ain’t a Demoncrat. Voting to support a party that specializes in killing the weak and innocent borders on sin.”

The equality act has stirred up some weird claims

  • Robert Oscar Lopez warns that if the Equality Act passes, … “LGBT activists will demand access to children through school curricula. They will insist upon the right to groom them and coax them into identifying as gay or trans. In essence they lay claim to the right to prepare them to be their future sex partners. They will force people who experiment with gay sex to remain in the gay sex pool, via laws that ban any counseling to help them leave.”
  • James Dobson warns about the dangers posed by the Equality Act: … “We must not remain silent as our historic liberties are gutted by Democrats and their friends in the LGBT movement. They will enslave us if they prevail.”
  • George and Terri Pearsons Beg God for an ‘Emergency Intervention’ to Prevent Passage of Satan’s Equality Act
  • Robert Knight claims that if the Equality Act passes, “it would criminalize Christianity.” … (Nope, just homophobic bigots need to fear it, everybody else will be just fine)

Another death, leads to another weird conspiracy claim

Yet more xenophobic demonisation of others with false claims

Dictatorship is promoted as a jolly good idea

  • Dean Garrison urges Trump to declare himself dictator: … “Shame on you President Trump. You promised us you would seek to put Hillary where she belonged. You are still promising but nothing is getting done. Why don’t you add Obama, let them share a cell and declare yourself dictator? If you got those 2 things accomplished, I’m pretty sure most of America would be just fine with that.”

(“You are still promising but nothing is getting done“: – He is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box to have taken this long to work that out)

The Pete Buttigieg fan club is still up and running

Mark Taylor’s weird prophecies get even more extreme

(Be assured that this guy has a consistent track record of being 100% wrong 100% of the time.)

Education is evil

  • Dennis Prager warns parents against sending their children to college: …“To send your child to college is to play Russian roulette with their values. There is a good chance your child will return from college alienated from you, from America, from Western civilization and from whatever expression of any Bible-based religion in which you raised your child.”

(Indeed yes, they will have stepped outside the dogma bubble and learned how the think critically)

Mr Prager is not alone. Jordan Peterson told Dennis Prager this week that he believes that universities and academia are doing more harm than good at this point in history. Anybody … and I do mean anybody … seriously arguing against education is more or less self-identifying as a bit of a twit.

Not a Game of Thrones fan

  • Shane Idleman warns Christians against watching “Game of Thrones”…: “If enchantments, witchcraft, familiar spirits and wizards are entertaining, something is clearly wrong. Darkness should not entertain. We must be pure vessels that God can use.”

(This is the same demographic that tends to burn Harry Potter books. It’s fascinating that fiction is both feared and deemed to be a threat).

No set of weirdness is complete without the deeply anti-Semitic card being played

This is the same guy that also asserted this week that Right Wing Watch is controlled by “shady, leftist Jewish billionaires.

Incidentally, he was also telling his audience this week not to engage on social media with those who accuse him of anti-Semitism, because those accounts are probably being run by Israel. Dam, I’m clearly missing out, when will Israel be sending me a cheque?

Trump-supporting “apostles”

Weather Control

  • The Holy Spirit gave “weather warrior” Kat Kerr a tip on how to eliminate the floodwaters that are inundating parts of the country: … “If you stomp on the ground, the water will go down.

(The weather control lady has been playing the role of court jester for many years)

Did Anything Else weird happen?

As is always the case, there was lots more weird out there. The above was only a small sample. Here is a bit more weird …

  • Missouri GOP Lawmaker Cites “Consensual Rapes” In Support of Abortion Ban
  • “Pro-Life” Alabama Executes Mentally Disabled Man a Day After Banning Abortion
  • Alabama PBS Affiliate Refuses to Show “Arthur” Episode Featuring Gay Rat Wedding
  • IL Megachurch Founder Accused of Wanting to Hire Hitman to Murder Son-in-Law
  • Christian Pastors: Satan’s “Ram-Rodding” Democrats Into Passing the Equality Act
  • Christian Author: CA Parents Must Protest Health Ed Before Kids Learn Anything
  • FL Lawmaker: “God Spoke To Me” to File Anti-Abortion Bill Without Rape Exception
  • While Their Constituents Suffered, Two Missouri Lawmakers Stayed in D.C. to Pray
  • Pastor Won’t Give Up $1.7M in Illegal Donations, Calling Them “God’s Blessings”

Finally, we had this funny bit of weird pop up ….

  • Ark Encounter Sues Insurers for Not Covering $1,000,000 Worth of… Rain Damage
  • Ark Encounter Really Hates That People Are Saying They Suffered “Flood” Damage

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