Weekly Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News: 4Aug19

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above this week to point out that … “As much as we can’t ignore Trump’s disgusting racist rants, we also need to keep an eye on the things he hopes we are too distracted to see. The Russians are still hacking!

For many the US is all about the embrace of values such as fairness and equality. What is also truly weird is that those on the religious right-wing strive to destroy it all as they stand upon that platform of fairness and equality.

For them, a return to an era of pre-New Deal and a pre-progressive-era is a wet dream. Much has been enabled by the rise of the cult of Trump. It opened a door. Trump’s allies and enablers support, justify, and happily explain away his divisive rhetoric and harmful policies as jolly fine stuff. If indeed there is going to be open and transparent criticism of it all, then all we really need to do is to quote what they say.

Quite a lot of it is utterly bizarre, delusional, and completely bereft of any connection with reality. Here are samples from the last 7 days.

What was weird during the last 7 days?

The Cult of Trump are quite literally worshiping him …

Pedophelia claims that have zero evidence…

Hating Hilary is still popular…

  • InfoWars is now promoting the fringe right-wing effort to pressure the authorities in Chappaqua, New York, to arrest Hillary Clinton.

Music that supposedly Changes your DNA …

Justifications of Kids in Cages…

Mark Taylor …

This is the self-appointed prophet of God who has a track record of being 100% wrong 100% of the time. He is a regular and pops up with weird stuff week after week. To verify his degree of ego and delusion, here is his latest offering …

  • Mark Taylor Says Those Who Mock Him Are Putting Their Life in Their Own Hands
    • “I want to put this warning out,” Taylor said. “God says specifically in his word, ‘Do not touch my anointed, but especially my prophets.’” Taylor said that in biblical times, if someone attacked a prophet, it was only heard by those within earshot, whereas today, those who criticize prophets like him do so via massive platforms like Twitter or Facebook, where their heretical attacks can reach a global audience. “God’s going to hold them accountable,”

What other weird stuff happened?

A great deal. It is the usual stream of intolerance, abuse, corruption, and bizarre claims …

  • Ken Ham: Climate Change Isn’t a Big Deal Since Noah Dealt With a Global Flood
  • This Corrupt Catholic Group Helps Priests Accused of Child Sexual Abuse
  • An Ancient Cathedral in England Installed a Mini Golf Course To Get New Visitors
  • Baptist Author: I Don’t Want Joshua Harris’ Foreword Ruining My Anti-Porn Book
  • David Barton: The Constitution Gives Religious People “More” Free Speech Rights
  • A Popular Pastor, Involved in an Abuse Scandal, Is Being Protected By His Church
  • Rick Wiles: I Need $100 Million to Preach at Viewers Until Jesus Comes Back
  • Evangelist Joyce Meyer: My 2-Year-Old Great-Grandson Healed His Mom’s “Ouchie”
  • Florida’s New Board of Education Chairman is an Evolution Denier
  • Preacher Blames TX Shooting on Nation Having “Thrown Out the Ten Commandments”
  • Anti-Gay FL Pastor Arrested After Shoving Hand Down Restaurant Manager’s Blouse
  • New Report Says That Catholic Nuns Owned and Sold Slaves to Finance Their School

Meanwhile not everybody who believes actually goes along with the right-wing politics. We need more voices like these …

  • A Group of Progressive Christians Is Pushing Back Against Christian Nationalism
    • But of course this then happens to them … Conservative Christians Are Trashing “Christians Against Christian Nationalism”
  • National Cathedral Clergy Denounce Trump’s “Violent” and “Dehumanizing” Rhetoric

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