US Right-Wing Praises “Putin’s Christian Values”

“Christian” Putin sends his troops to “Liberate” the oppressed folks in Ukraine suffering under the tyranny of Democracy and Freedom.

You do have to wonder at the rather astonishing ability some have to tap into unexplored degrees of crass stupidity. It is perhaps a skill that has been nourished and nurtured, and so over time has been developed into a fine art.

Today’s gem illustrates the willingness of the right to vigorously lick the arse of a deranged tyrant. Sorry Tucker, I know you tried your best but unfortunately you simply can’t complete with GOP candidate Lauren Witzke.

Here she is, on the very day that the invasion has commenced, stating that “I identify more with Putin’s Christian values than I do with Joe Biden.

The transcript for the above is below.

(Trigger warning, the degree is stupid here is very abundant)

Here’s the deal, also, you know, Russia, is a Christian Nationalization, actually Orthodox Christian and Russian Orthodox, so, you know, I actually support Putin’s right to protect his people, and always put his people first, but also protect their Christian values. I identify more with Putin’s Christian values than I do with Joe Biden. So, you know, like, there is that, you know that, there is that there, and you know, Christian Nationalist countries also are a threat to the global, er, regime, like the Lucerfician regime that wants to mash everything together, but Putin takes care of his people, he looks out for his people. I watched as he deported, like they literally walked them through the streets, the criminal illegals who were coming into their country, and they walked them out, and they escorted them out, and they said “Get Out”. You know, I can respect that, I can respect that, and I can respect the fact that Putin does everything he can to protect his people.

There are a couple of immediate points that need to be made here.

The vast majority of people in Russia might identify as Russian Orthodox, but they don’t actually practise it.

The claim that Putin “has always put his people first“, and “protects their Chistian Values“, and “Looks out for his people“, is total bullshit. Putin looks out for just Putin and his buddies. As far as he is concerned, anybody and everybody else can go f**k themselves.

Putin has essentially established himself as king of his own private empire, and is now expanding that empire. He is playing a long game. Destabilize the US with his tool of choice, Trump, and destabilize the UK with BREXIT, with the goal of preventing them from pushing back against his long-term plans for expansion.

You can Paint me Unsurprised

Ms. Witzke has a well-established reputation …

  • She has declared COVID to be a Satanic Plot
  • In her universe BLM are terrorists
  • She is opposed to immigration … all immigration … and wants to see a total and complete ban
  • If you happen to be born gay then that is sufficent for her to declare you to be an enemy.
  • She also strongly supports QAnon.

Go further back into her history and you will find that if there was a batshit crazy idea floating about then she was into it. For example, she advocated the idea that planet earth is flat.

Seriously now, knowing all that, are you really in any way surprised to discover that for her Putin is a jolly fine “Christian” chap who has simply had a bit of bad press?

Permit me to introduce you to a few facts

In her beloved Russia, the abortion rate is high, very very high, yet for the US right, this is a political paradise and that statistic can be ignored.

Good luck attempting to have a decent or fair election in Russia – fraud, ballot box stuffing, and multiple other forms of very blatant fraud have been recorded and documented. Good luck attempting to protest any of this. Let me wish you all the best if you dare to attempt to be a politician who opposes Putin’s dictatorship. Make no mistake, the prevailing consensus is that Russia is not a democracy.

As for “Christian Values”, the reality is that Russia is one of the world’s worst violators of religious liberty.

What about Putin himself?

He wears a Russian Orthodox mask but is in practice as “Christian” as Dear Leader, the anointed one, Trump. He has specifically introduced legislation and policies that ban and repress many variations of unofficial belief, such as Pentecostalism and evangelicalism.

I could keep going. There is more, rather a lot more. The point is this, you really do need to be incredibly stupid to consider Putin to be a really good “Christian” guy that deserves praise.

Somehow the political right in the US is rather robustly and very vigorously ticking that box again, and again, and yet again.

One last thought.

Biden believes in God, goes to church each week, and really does care. As for Putin, like Trump, he cares for nobody except himself and thinks he is God. No wonder they get on so well.

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1 thought on “US Right-Wing Praises “Putin’s Christian Values””

  1. *** The vast majority of people in Russia might identify as Russian Orthodox, but they don’t actually practise it. ***

    Ambrose Bierce covered that one a long time ago with his Devil’s Dictionary.



    One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor. One who follows the teachings of Christ in so far as they are not inconsistent with a life of sin.

    I’ve been associated with quite a few Good Christians in my lifetime. Not many of them were “Christian” in any sense of the word – except for their loud claims about the matter.

    *** Biden believes in God, goes to church each week, and really does care. ***

    I don’t know what Biden believes, but I DO know how the man behaves. No visible signs of any kind of his following any of the teachings of Christ.


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