Iran builds an Airfix kit & calls it a ‘stealth fighter’

Lies, dammed lies, and Iranian technology claims.

I came across this rather amusing clip that exposes the rather daft claims being promoted by the Iranian theocratic regime. Apparently they are frantically trying to promote themselves as a regional power, so much so, that they craft fake claims.

Laughable as it is, this is also a very very dangerous game to play. Not too far away is another nation run by another selection of equally loony religious idiots called Israel. They also think a god has specially chosen them and if they should perceive Iran to be a credible threat then fear will kick in and they will strike. From there things could rapidly escalate within the region.

Hopefully the talks will go well, because the alternative is quite frankly unthinkable. Israel has been escalating its rhetoric over Iran’s nuclear programme, with a senior official warning it was prepared to launch a unilateral military strike against Iran.

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