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weird religious and right-wing news
The cartoonist Rob Rogers drew the above this week to make an obvious point, but adds the following thought … “Sadly, since I came up with this idea, Missouri and Louisiana have joined the list of states attacking a woman’s right to choose. This is officially a national crisis for reproductive freedom

Criticism and mockery of the fundamentalist right is achieved by highlighting what they actually say and do. Flip that coin over and the criticism by the fundamentalist right of the left consists of distortions and outright lies. This fact alone tells you all you really need to know about just how truly weird things have become. Beyond their own tribe they truly have no credibility.

You don’t need to take my word on this, simply check the links below and you can see it for yourself just how truly weird these folks actually are.

What happened during the last 7 days?

Bigot Dave Daubenmire does not like being called a bigot …

(Hey, here is an idea Dave, if you don’t like being called a bigot, then stop promoting intolerance and bigotry)

Meanwhile the bigotry keeps on spewing out for other well-known names …

  • E.W. Jackson: Gay People ‘Can’t Really Be Parents’ … “they don’t understand what a normal parent’s response is to somebody trying to, in effect, manipulate, use, inculcate, indoctrinate your child with things that you find to be objectionable.
  • E.W. Jackson: ‘The Devil Makes Homosexuals, Not God’ … ““They actually had homosexual sex in the temple of God, claiming that they were doing this as an act of worship of God,” Jackson said. “That’s exactly what Pete Buttigieg has just said when he says that his relationship with a man married to another man has drawn him closer to God. He’s no different than a temple prostitute; spiritually, it’s no different.”
  • E.W. Jackson declares that “the left has become psychotic”: “You can no more reason with them than you can reason with someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. They need treatment, medication or to be put in an institution where they are no danger to themselves and others.” … says a guy who never ever deploys reason.

(Calling these folks intolerant delusional bigots is not an opinion, it is a fact)

If you oppose Trump, you are opposing God …

(If Trump is indeed God’s choice, then God is clearly a bit of a dick).

Any day now …

(“Any day now”, has been their weird mantra for years)

The Wall …

  • the crowdfunded effort to construct Trump’s long-promised, but undelivered, U.S.-Mexico border wall has been ordered to cease construction because it didn’t acquire proper paperwork.

(Why am I not surprised)

They are still bashing Hillary …

(Instead of Hillary, they voted for and still support the most dangerous and worst president in the history of the United States, but are still too stupid to grasp this fact)

The Heartbeat bill …

Did anything else weird happen?

As usual, the flow of weird was deep and wide …

  • Sex Offender Pastor: It’s “Unbiblical” for Southern Baptists to Punish My Church
  • Pope Francis Says, Again, That Getting an Abortion is Like Hiring a “Hitman”
  • Church Shooter’s Dad Suggested Keeping Bible Under Pillow to Scare Demons Away
  • This Compilation of Televangelist Jim Bakker’s Strangest Moments Is Disturbing
  • Evangelist Franklin Graham Calls for Prayers to Protect Trump from His “Enemies”
  • Catholic Nuns Have Also Sexually Abused Children, and Survivors Are Speaking Out
  • This Full-Length Interview With a Private Jet-Loving Preacher is Unbelievable
  • Pastor Busted for Asking Underage Girl to Join Other Underage Girl for Threesome

One last link

Here is a BBC article that was published this week that is well worth reading …

The preachers getting rich from poor Americans

…Both Ole and Pete says the work they do often falls flat – and not through a lack of effort at their end. They once helped a woman get her $1,000 donation back from a ministry, only for her to donate it all over again. “She called us afterwards, asking to get it back again,” recalls Pete, saying they had to decline the second time. “My feeling is she was addicted. She just got hooked back on to the TV and believing what they said.”

Ole remains disappointed that the authorities still allow the vulnerable to fall into these traps.

“We hoped for change,” says Ole. “But it didn’t work. I guess they didn’t want change.”…

If you only have time to read one linked article, then pick this one.

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