Revolutionary new paper computer shows flexible future for smartphones and tablets

Queens University press release reports …

KINGSTON, ONTARIO – The world’s first interactive paper computer is set to revolutionize the world of interactive computing.

“This is the future. Everything is going to look and feel like this within five years,” says creator Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University Human Media Lab,. “This computer looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper. You interact with it by bending it into a cell phone, flipping the corner to turn pages, or writing on it with a pen.”

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Signs of dark matter from Minnesota mine

Ron Cowen reports in ScienceNews that there are Possible evidence for WIMPs reported, supporting claims of Italy-based experiment

An experiment in Minnesota is the first to bolster a long-contested claim that detectors a continent away have found evidence of particles called WIMPs.

WIMPs are theorized particles considered to be leading candidates for dark matter, invisible material believed to make up more than 80 percent of the matter in the universe.  In the Minnesota experiment, called COGENT, a hockey puck–sized chunk of germanium deep in a former iron mine attempts to record rare collisions with WIMPS.

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Death of a Madman

I need not name him, the subject line says it all. Normally the loss of any human life is a tragedy, but in this specific instance we find an exception to that rule. An individual such as this who was relentlessly driven on a self-appointed celestial mission to inflict a delusional belief-system upon innocents by force made him exceedingly dangerous, not just in theory, but in practise, for he inspired many to spill blood on an industrial scale.

There is much I’d be tempted to write, but others have already done a far better job than I could ever muster, so I’ll simply draw your attention to the words of two such writers.

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Bottled Water – Healthy or a con job?

For some reason, water appears to draw a lot of woo these days. The prime example is of course the concept of bottled water. Despite having the stuff on tap, we now have a thriving industry worth about $60 Billion per year; we are awash with brands that promise us both spring water and also purified healthier tap water. In fact, this entire industry is described as  the great con of the century here where it says within a UK Independent newspaper report …

Bottled water is “one of the greatest cons of the 20th century”, due to it being “vastly overpriced” with little to “differentiate it from tap water” according to water companies.

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First-ever demo of a 3-D invisibility cloak for visible light

Joachim Fischer of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany will present the first-ever demonstration of a three-dimensional invisibility cloak that works for visible light at at 10:15 a.m. Monday, May 2 at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO: 2011), which runs May 1–6 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Wow … Harry Potter reality here I come … this sounds amazing. So here are some details.

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