Wingnut Weekly – 15th Sep 2019

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above to ask…”What other sharpie fun could Trump get into?

What is truly fascinating is that when faced with the various pronouncements, claims, and assertions that the wingnut clan continues to promote, there is no need to do anything except to simply quote their own words.

It is all so bizarre, absurd, and utterly daft, that any attempt at satire or mockery would be pointless because you would not be able to work out what is real and what is satire.

Without any further pause, let’s dive in.

Which Wingnuts popped up during the last 7 days?

Racist of the week …

Leprosy is coming …

  • Pat Robertson fears that God may soon strike America with a plague of leprosy as punishment for legal abortion.

Things that God supposedly hates …

Criticism of Trump …


Jerry Falwell Jr. is in the news …

The White House is Holy Ground …

Not a Hebrew fan …

  • Rick Wiles says that Hebrew is … “a fake language, spoken by fake Jews, in a fake Israel. The whole thing is fake. Who faked it? Satan.

Probably did not vote for them …

  • Brenden Dilley honored the anniversary of 9/11 by ranting about … “seeing a bitch like Ilhan Omar in our Congress” with “that other bitch, Rashida Tlaib,” and calling them both “anti-American, treasonous, scumbag whores.

What else happened?

Lots of other stuff. As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious …

  • Christian Uber Driver Kicks Lesbians Out of Car After They Kiss on the Cheek
  • Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s Corruption at Liberty U. is Even Worse Than We Knew
  • TN Republican: To Save America, We Must “Get Rid” of “Higher Education”
  • Ted Cruz, in Twitter Fight With Alyssa Milano, Says Bible Justifies Owning Guns
  • Sebastian Gorka: When Schools Ban the Bible, It Leads to “Death Camps”
  • U.S. Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing 20 Filipino Boys, One As Young As 7
  • Conservative Pundit: If Democrats Win in 2020, Christians Will Be Exterminated
  • 12 Church Leaders Accused of Forcing Homeless People into Slavery for Money
  • Jerry Falwell, Jr.: The FBI Will Investigate Everyone at Liberty Who Hates Me
  • Catholic Priest Who Sexually Abused Kids Gets “Home Detention” For One Year
  • After “Rejecting” the Prosperity Gospel, Benny Hinn Wants “Seed Money” Again
  • Jesse Lee Peterson: Satan Controlled the Pastor Who Died of Suicide
  • TX City Council Member: My Prayers Keep Witches and Satanists Out of Local Park
  • Trump-Loving Pastor Reportedly Used Fake “Church” to Evade Taxes
  • Man Uses Chainsaw to Cut Phallus off Māori Carving in Order to Please God
  • Missouri’s Attorney General Refers 12 Predator Priests for Prosecution

Is there any Good News at all?

Actually, yes there is …

  • Brazilian Mayor’s Attempt to Ban Comic With Gay Characters Fails Spectacularly …

…Crivella said in a video Thursday that children needed to be protected from the city’s International Book Fair because they were selling “Avengers: The Children’s Crusade,” which featured two gay characters kissing each other….

…the Streisand effect is strong here. Here’s the cover of a major newspaper showing the characters in question kissing each other. That would never have happened if the mayor wasn’t such a Christian homophobe.

… The comedian Felipe Neto, one of Brazil’s most popular YouTube stars, said he would distribute thousands of books with gay and lesbian characters at the festival. The books, he said, would come with a red label saying they were “inappropriate for backward, retrograde and prejudiced people.”

Then, on Saturday, the publishing house Faro set up a stand at the festival under the banner “Books That Are Forbidden by Crivella” and featuring a host of volumes on issues involving gay and lesbian people. The stand became a selfie magnet, the newspaper O Globo said.

The mayor might indeed be an obnoxious bigot, but the people rose way above that and proved themselves to be far better human beings.

2 thoughts on “Wingnut Weekly – 15th Sep 2019”

  1. Hows that new 50%+ approval rating. Do you guys offer free safe spaces …..gotta feeling your gonna need it after 2020 MAGA 2.0 coming soon!!!!

    • What is very transparently in play is Identity politics to such a degree that it has become cult like. You have so closely aligned with MAGA, and so deeply invested in it emotionally that facts simply no longer matter. Debate degrades to a point where some highly dubious stuff that supposedly validates the stance is cherry-picked and presented in a manner that is akin to claiming that a picture of the inauguration was indeed the largest, when it is blindly obvious to all that it was not.

      Until that emotional bond changes, as it will inevitably, then no meaningful conversation is possible.


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