IgNobel 2018 – Funny and Fascinating – #IgNobel


Since 1991 we have seen the announcement of the IgNobel awards every September. This parody of the far more serious Nobel Prize is where the science community pauses to laugh at itself by granting awards at a formal ceremony held at MIT. Prizes go to the weirdest bits of real published research. This is not … Read moreIgNobel 2018 – Funny and Fascinating – #IgNobel

Michelle Wolf at White House Correspondent’s dinner – #WHCD

Michelle Wolf

Comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a glorious standup routine at the annual Whitehouse Correspondent’s dinner. You most probably heard that she did this, and perhaps also picked up a few snippets from it. It is simply too good to let it slip by without underlining it, and so here it is in full. (Video and also … Read moreMichelle Wolf at White House Correspondent’s dinner – #WHCD