What has Supreme Court done to the EPA? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exists for one reason – protect the environment (duh … the clue is in the name). In other words it is all about the creation of a far better world. Who could possibly object to clean air, and clean drinkable water? The Gov of Michigan in 2014 perhaps. Just ask … Read more

Rising Sea Level threatens 200,000 UK properties

A new study published by the UK’s Tyndall Centre at the University of East Anglia has revealed some rather startling news. Nearly 200,000 English properties are at risk of being abandoned from the 2050s due to rising sea levels. We have known for quite some time that sea level is rising. We have also begun … Read more

Fossil Fuel is killing us – Clean Air has huge benefits

clean air

Health Care does not come for free, it carries with it a considerable cost. Our use of Fossil Fuel is impacting our long term health. As we consume fossil fuel we are also pumping rather a lot of stuff into the air we breath, namely sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. There is also of course … Read more

New NOAA Sea Level Projections – it is not good news

sea level

Sea level is rising. This is a well-established fact. The rate at which sea level is rising is also accelerating. Between 1901 and 2018 sea level has risen by 6-10 in. That insight comes via tide gauges. It sounds like a simple measurement, but working that out is deeply complex. Land itself rises and falls, … Read more

Climate: ‘dangerously fast’ growth in atmospheric methane

An alarm is being raised concerning a big increase of Methane within our Atmosphere. The fear is that we have crossed a tipping point and that vast amounts of methane are being released from wetlands because of warming. NOAA Data That latest data we have comes via the January update from NOAA. First let’s take … Read more