Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere hits record high – #Climate


April 2018 is a notable but almost unnoticed moment in recorded human history. The average amount of CO2 in our atmosphere exceeded 410 parts per million for the first time in recorded history. Breath deeply, because you are breathing a unique mixture that no human ancestor ever experienced. “So what“, you might exclaim, “We have a … Read more

Spring is in the air, it is getting warmer – #Climate


Sometimes a few pictures is a more powerful statement than many pages of words. The UK’s Guardian has a callout here for readers to send in pictures of any early signs of spring in the UK. What came back was published a few days ago last Tuesday (13th Feb) … ‘A first in my 60 years’: … Read more

Why are Carbon Dioxide levels still rising?

Justin Gillis, a journalist who covers science and climate change, writes within the New York Times  – Carbon in Atmosphere Is Rising, Even as Emissions Stabilize. So what is the story here, what is this about? He describes how a group of scientists are attempting to come to terms with a bit of a puzzle that … Read more