How much does it cost to sequence your Genome?

human genome

In 1990 a very ambitious project was started called the Human Genome Project. It was scheduled to take 15 years, but was actually completed in 2003, earlier than expected. As the project had progressed, technology had advanced and so it did not take as long as had been anticipated. A few quick facts … The … Read more

Do Cell Phones cause Cancer?

cell phones cause cancer

Over the years various health-scare stories have popped up regarding the supposed dangers of cell-phone radiation causing cancer. This plays very much into the observation that literally billions of humans now use cell phones and so if the danger is real then that is something that we should not only understand but come to terms … Read more

Discovery of oldest modern human out of Africa – Some context

out of africa

It’s an exciting new discovery, evidence that humans wandered out of Africa far earlier than has been previously appreciated. The media is quite rightly all over it, and has been trumpeting the details. For example … Washington Post – Scientists discover the oldest human fossils outside Africa BBC – Modern humans left Africa much earlier NPR – New … Read more

Life adapts

It is perhaps popular within a religious context to observe how wonderful God is for having “designed” a world that is just perfect and ideal for us. In essence the Goldilocks arguments … not too hot and not too cold, but just right. All praise to Thor then, or Xenu or … oh just pick … Read more