The Mosque at Ground Zero

There has been a lot of media attention on this, so it may be appropriate to make a couple of observations. First, lets start with a few facts and dispel the popular emotive myths Its not a mosque, its actually an Islamic community center that just happens to have a prayer room. So you need … Read more

Richard Dawkins – Guardian Review Ad Hominem

A couple of days ago in the UK Channel 4 broadcast “Faith Schools Menace?” in which Richard Dawkins was the presenter … Oh heck,  …(slaps hand on head for missing it). Don’t panic, all is not lost. If you missed it like I did, then you can watch it on You Tube here … (Phew!). … Read more

Snippits of utter insanity

Today I’m going to return back once more to Poe’s law. Only a few days ago I was blogging about “Internet Laws” and there introduced you to it. However, since then I’ve been exploring it a bit more and so I think I’ll share some of my discoveries with you. As a quick reminder, it … Read more

Its Ramadan – anybody up for a picnic?

You might (or might not) be aware, but we are currently in the middle of Ramadan.  It started on Wednesday, the 11th of August and will continue for 30 days until Thursday, the 9th of September.  Now, some of you might not too familiar with the concept, so let me explain. Once a year Muslim … Read more

Islam, the religion of peace, slaughters more

Once again, Islam, “The religion of peace”, has added to its endless body count. Today it has been reported that a couple in northern Afghanistan were stoned to death … why? … Simply because some false medieval prophet thought that it might be a good idea, because God told him so. The BBC news web … Read more

Catholic Church cover up still carries on

One argument often put forward in defense of the Catholic church cult is that a lot of what happened is all in the past. However, I recently came across solid proof that this is a complete lie. Because I’m Irish, and went through the Irish educational system myself, I have an interest in all this. … Read more