Radical Islam’s Fellow-Travellers

An interesting article by Nick Cohen that contains much though provoking material regarding Islam … its worth reading … First a bit of context. The publication “Standpoint”, that contains the article, describes its mission statement as … …celebrate our civilization, its arts and its values — in particular democracy, debate and freedom of speech — at a … Read more

Nobody wants to be a Priest

There is an interesting article in Friday’s Independent about the struggles that the Catholic church is having with the brainwashing recruitment of Priests. The number of priestly ordinations in Ireland has dipped below England and Wales for the first time in living memory, new figures reveal. The recruitment crisis is a clear indication of how … Read more

Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria

From CNN … Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria (CNN) — Just after midnight, the pastor seized a woman’s forehead with his large hand and she fell screaming and writhing on the ground. “Fire! Fire! Fire!” shouted the worshippers, raising their hands in the air. Pastor Celestine Effiong’s congregants are being delivered from what they firmly believe … Read more