Archbishop’s ‘discomfort’ at Hitler suicide

Apparently its not just an Archbishop, but plain old run of the mill Bishops, that are now stepping into the public arena to suggest that taking out Osama, the utterly contemptible psychopath on a self-appointed mission to murder by devine appointment, was not a good idea.

You can read press stories on that here.

So how can one possibly respond to that? perhaps with satire like this …

Archbishop’s ‘discomfort’ at Hitler suicide

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has expressed ‘deep discomfort’ over the suicide of Adolf Hitler.

‘One cannot help but feel the man was driven to it,’ Dr Williams told a London press conference. ‘It can’t have been much fun to have all the armies of Europe and the Americans on your bunker doorstep shooting at you.’

Dr Williams said his disquiet had grown when he learned that Hitler was believed to be unarmed when he shot himself.

‘I confess I was also left with an uncomfortable feeling when Pol Pot died while under house arrest in 1998,’ the Archbishop said.

A Lambeth Palace spokeswoman said they would not be issuing photographs of Dr Williams as they had a tendency to frighten young children.

Hat tip to NewsBiscuit for that bit of satire.


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  1. Nice piece of satire. Besides, god probably commanded the US military to assassinate Bin Laden, so they were just doing god’s will. After all, he commanded the Children of Israel to do much worse things in the Old Testament.


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