Changing your mind about Sam Harris and “New Atheists”

I’ve often been astonished at the manner in which Sam Harris is demonised. Various claims abound about him being Islamophobic, racist, a bigot, etc… and yet when you dig into what he is supposed to have said, it often turns out to be a rather stark contrast to what is actually being said. To give … Read more

Why is there so much hostility towards atheists from the religious?

I once tried a little experiment in a FB group. Upon diving in and starting to swim amongst the religious believers I deployed slightly different words. The result? – interactions were quite different. It was perhaps akin to this. “Do you collect stamps?” Instead of being specific and explaining, “No, I’m not a stamp collector”, … Read more

A Christian Interviews Two Atheists

I’ve come across a rather good posting by Rebecca Florence Miller, a Christian (Wow … did I just use the words “good” and “Christian” in the same sentence?) … no really, it is a good posting. So the story here is that she reached out on “Ask an Atheist day” (yesterday) and proceeded to interview two … Read more

Atheism is just for middle-aged guys … right?

Atheism is just something that middle-aged white guys are into and is of little interest to others .. right? Er … perhaps not … here are nine strong independent women who can think for themselves … Here is Julianne Moore’s interview with the Hollywood Reporter last January Here is Thandie Newton’s moving 2011 TED Talk, This is Angel Haze’s 2012 interview … Read more

Is Atheism Evil?

Is Atheism Evil? For those that are wondering and can’t contain their suspense, the TL;DR; version is …. (insert drum roll here) … “no”. OK, so I’ve been inspired/provoked into writing a few comments in reply to a Huff Po article entitled “Is Atheism Evil?” by a chap called James Clark Kelly whose line is “Interfaith”, and … Read more