Selling Silence

A CD filled with … nothing at all except complete silence … has become a bit of a hit. It is a 30 minute recording of the inside of the village church of St Peter’s Church in Hangleton, Hove, done to raise funds to repair the building. An article on it reports … Roger Bing, 74, … Read more

Building a real Star Wars Death Star

The White House in the US has an on-line presence entitled “We the People…” that permits individuals to raise any petition they wish. The deal is that if a specific number sign, then it mandates an official White House response. Well, the limit was 25,000 and so when they received a petition signed by over … Read more

“Dear Atheists, Come Back to God” – The Stupid is strong in this one.

Opposing Views is a US website where “experts” debate topics. In this case there is a reason for the scare quotes, the “expert” in question turns out to be “Answers in Genesis”, a bunch of creationist kooks who hold views that are so weird, that other creationists denounce them as “misguided” and assert that this group “deliberately … Read more

Iran reports “The Onion” article as real news

This is a story is truly funny. The Onion, a satire of a real news organization, published a funny story that claimed “Gallup Poll: Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad To Obama“.  The joke is obvious, you get it of course, the Iranian president Abmadinejad is well-known as a cretinous lunatic who spouts complete bullshit during his various trips to the … Read more

Daft Claim of the Week: “Atheists are Religious and Bigots” ???

A chap who writes on News24 under the name “Charles Dumbwin” is having one of his many fits of verbal religious zealotry once again. It is all truly weird stuff that strikes me as an attempt to simply provoke a reaction. Whenever I stumble into one of his weird scribblings I find myself pondering the … Read more