John Lewis embraces the dark side – #ManOnTheMoon

Let’s make this 100% clear, this is not a commentary on John Lewis in any way, but rather is about how people sometimes react to the mainstream media. So the context is this, every Christmas in the UK, John Lewis produce a heart warming advertisement that is designed to tug at the heart strings and … Read more

Truly Bizarre Divorce protest against Gay Marriage … are people really that daft?

So over at United Media Publishing, we have the following claim … Thousands of Christian couples, some who have been married for decades, have vowed to file for divorce in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling which has legalized gay marriage nationwide. Adam Cyrus is the founder of Christ in Family Services which provides … Read more

Claim: Pastor wants Women who shout out God’s name during sex to be jailed

Various news outlets are reporting a story about the rather infamous John Hagee. For example the UK’s Daily Mail explains … ‘That is one of the filthiest, most derogatory and sinful uses of the Lord’s name I can think of’: Women who cry out God’s name during sex should be jailed, pastor says Dr John Hagee, … Read more

Christian Claim: “atheism in the US has remained flat for over seven decades”

As might be expected, in response to the latest Pew research report that highlights a huge growth of nones and the decline of belief in the US, many believers are popping up to claim that the numbers are all wrong. An example is Jerry Newcombe popping up on the Christian Post with the claim that atheism … Read more

#BBCTBQ asks – Have human rights laws achieved more for mankind than religion?

Today’s BBC The Big Question looks to be a very interesting one, it asks just one question, “Have human rights laws achieved more for mankind than religion?” Those taking part include … @andrewcopson  Andrew Copson Vice President at International Humanist and Ethical Union, and Chief Executive at British Humanist Association @PeterTatchell human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell @MaryamNamazie  Maryam Namaze from the … Read more

Clocks back 200 years in Indiana as they sign in the right to discriminate law

The signpost above is of course a joke and does not actually exist, and while we might laugh, we also need to remember that a rather serious point is being raised. So the context here is that Republican Gov. Mike Pence has just signed into law the freedoms for religious beliefs law. The very vocal opposition that … Read more