“What the hell is wrong with him?”

kasichbookstorenhJohn Kasich, the Ohio Governor and also former Presidential candidate, made a bit a news recently. While on a tour of downtown Exeter, he entered a bookstore, saw a Harry Potter book, and then commented …

“You know that Daniel [Radcliffe] has declared himself an atheist?” Kasich said to no one in particular. “I’m serious. What a weird thing. Why would a guy who has had all that success just, I mean, what the hell is wrong with him?”

Did this really happen as described within the Concord Monitor article above?

Yes, and you can check that out yourself because somebody recorded it …

What The Hell is wrong with him?

No seriously, I mean it. This is not a nobody, he was a Presidential candidate, so what the hell is wrong with him?

There are vast swathes, huge demographs in the US that do not specifically embrace his specific beliefs. Almost 1 in 4, to be precise 23%, of the US population are not religious. Many others hold beliefs that are distinctly different, Hindu, Muslim, Sikhi, Buddhist, Bahá’í, Rastafarian, Taoists, and of course a vast diversity of Christian beliefs. Mr Kasich is himself Catholic, and so most evangelicals would views him as not really a “true” (born again) Christian.

He appears to be suggesting that Success has something to do with embracing a belief and so those that do not believe are throwing away all that success.

Is this true, are the most successful individuals religious?

Well let’s ponder that for a few seconds. There is Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and also Mark Zuckerberg, all clearly deeply religious …. oh wait, no they are not.

He also appears to think that Daniel Radcliffe is not currently a success and attributes that to him being openly not religious. Is that true?

Nope, it is not. He also has a net worth of $110 million.

Kasich and “a positive vision”

Mr Kasich has previously tweeted what he would like to see …

Apparently that “Positive Vision” is one that in practise results in people going “WTF” when faced with politicians like Mr Kasich happily pissing all over the the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of religion.

The term “What the hell is wrong with him?”, is indeed wholly appropriate, but not for Mr Radcliffe. Instead it needs to be deployed as a question about Mr Kasich’s rather stark bias against people who do not believe exactly what he believes. In the end his judgment against others is actually a judgement against himself.

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