Reviewing a Christian response to the atheist ten non-commandments

If you are not sure what these new improved ten commandments are or where they came from, then you can read the posting I wrote about them here. Many “Christian” responses to them are what you might indeed anticipate and expect, and fall into categories that are best described as either “unthinking” and/or “impolite”, but […]

Ken Ham – “Creationists are not science deniers”

Nobody ever thinks to themselves, “I believe in things that are simply not scientific or true”, but rather we all hold positions that we are sure are correct. If this is indeed the case, then why is there a prevailing confidence in some minds regarding ideas and thoughts that have been truly discredited? […]

Jonathan Sacks makes many utterly absurd religious claims in a Salon article

Salon rang up Jonathan Sacks, interviewed him, and managed to spin some truly absurd religious claims into an article they have published. How much of what comes up is actually the thinking of Mr Sacks, and how much is actually the Salon author’s agenda via a bit of quote mining, I honestly don’t […]

Top 50 People to follow on twitter

If you happen to have a twitter account, then how do you decide who you will stalk follow? It can only ever be a subjective personal preference, and so when Science publishes a list of the Top 50 science stars on Twitter, I can’t help but ponder the thought – […]

Science, Atheism & the Joyful Life — by Sean Faircloth

In a FB group that I hang out in, somebody posted this quote and I confess I really like it … I added a comment in which I made the observation that “Sean is a truly fascinating guy to listen to … he really connects with his audience.”, and the […]

Cosmos – Next up is Climate Change

If you have been watching Cosmos as I have and enjoying it, then you will be delighted to know that the topic next Sunday will be Climate Change. This is perhaps to be anticipated because it has already tackled some of the really big topics such as evolution and industry-funded science denial. Is Climate Change […]