Amnesty International

UPDATE (8th Sept) – The claim that the two sisters were sentenced to be raped appears to be false, so you can ignore this petition – my apologies. Here is an Amnesty International petition for you to sign – Please do not skip this, international attention truly does get results. […]

Take Action: Two Sisters to be raped as punishment – Please demand justice

Yesterday, I blogged about how Meriam Ibrahim sits on death row in Sudan for the “crime” of getting married to a non-Muslim, and now we have an update. Today Amnesty International UK has an action campaign rolling … Yes, you can now take some action here that can potentially make a real difference. Take Action – […]

Sudan: Pregnant mother sentenced to hang for her beliefs. Act now for Meriam

Amnesty International has issued a warning that a Northern Ireland government-led investigation into clerical child abuse may fail. Why? The problem is that within its annual global report on human rights, Amnesty has highlighted problems with the terms of the inquiry’s reference. “In September, the Northern Ireland executive announced proposals […]

NI inquiry needs legal teeth to investigate child abuse