1. So sad. It actually pained me to read this. Each line I read. The more and more I read. The more it broke my heart to hear that 34 years of hard work has been destroyed and laid waste because of the intolerance of others. It goes much deeper than that. Not just intolerance, but ignorance. The greatest evil of them all. It plows its way through the mind and firmly impregnates itself deep in the soul. It refuses to leave, even after the door is swung wide.

  2. Benson

    Tragic indeed. Ironically, I am a scientist and have worked in the past with some outstanding Muslim (heritage) scientists over the years. Their numbers are many in the fields of science and engineering. I’m sure quite a few feel conflicted between science and their traditional faith. Although this could also be true for Christians, Jews, etc… working in science.

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