Hey I’m wrong – Same-sex marriage really does cause floods :-)

Yesterday I blogged about the UKip satire twitter account, @UKipWeather, as a truly fabalous response to the rather weird claim made by David Silvester, that recent storms and floods were caused by the legalisation of gay marriage. Well guess what .. I was wrong, apparently Gay Marriage really does cause flooding. Dean Burnett has laid out conclusive compelling evidence in his Guardian column that Same-sex Marriage does indeed cause flooding. The fact that he is not only a neuroscientist by profession, but also […]


The UKIP Weather forecast 1

David Silvester, a Ukip councillor for Henley-on-Thames, is now rather famous because he recently blamed recent storms and floods on the legalisation of gay marriage in Britain in a letter to the Henley Standard. This of course attracted media interest, and so when interviewed by BBC Radio Berkshire, he restated these potty beliefs. So what now, what should one do when faced with such outrageous lunacy from an elected official? Yes OK, it is just a tiny town council, but still, do you really want […]


Nasa says Mars mystery rock that ‘appeared’ from nowhere is ‘like nothing we’ve ever seen before’ 1

There is a really interesting story in today’s Independent that caught my eye … A mysterious rock which appeared in front of the Opportunity rover is “like nothing we’ve ever seen before”, according to Mars exploration scientists at Nasa. Experts said they were “completely confused” by both the origins and makeup of the object, which is currently being investigated by Opportunity’s various measuring instruments. Astronomers noticed the new rock had “appeared” without any explanation on an outcrop which had been […]


Beware of click-bait that is designed to hook into your emotions 1

Here is a picture that recently went viral on both Facebook and also twitter … It paints an utterly tragic picture and so it touches the heart. Upon finding it many then tag and forward it … the result – it goes viral. One slight flaw – it is fake and not at all what it claims to be. As reported in the Independent … An image of a child purportedly lying between his parents’ graves in Syria that exploded […]


Right now the book “Criticising Islam” is FREE on Amazon Kindle

“Criticising Islam” is now on offer for the very special price of FREE, this is a special 2 day offer so do grab a copy while it is free. Hey … “free” is indeed in my price zone. Where Can I get it? Click here – to go to the Amazon.com kindle store and get it for FREE Click here – to go to the Amazon.co.uk kindle store and get it from FREE This is a 2 day offer that runs out at […]

A Picture of joy on the face of a 10 year old

Below is 10 year old Nujood Ali from Yemen, full of joy and life. The picture above was taken by Stephanie Sinclair in Yemen, 2010 and shows her on the day that she learned that she was being granted a divorce from her much older abuse husband. Very courageously, she fled him and took a taxi by herself to the courthouse in Sanaa, Yemen. What then ensued was landmark legal battle — it turned her into an international heroine for women’s rights. There is a Wikipedia […]

Image by Stephanie Sinclair. Yemen, 2010