Mass Kissing protest outside Moroccan parliament

  A few weeks ago in Morocco a boy and a girl aged 15 and 14 kissed as their 15-year-old friend  took photos outside their school in the northern town of Nador, and they  then posted the pictures on Facebook. What happens? – they were then arrested and put on trial. Yikes! So far this response is just what you might expect from an Islamic nation, even a moderate one. Ah .. but what happened next was truly new. The arrests […]


Answers in Genesis – “How Do We Know There Is a God?” … er … you don’t.

Answers in Genesis, a creationist group that promotes the belief that the world is only 6,000 years old and that “God did it”, has been putting up billboards in New York City and San Francisco with the purpose of engaging atheists. They read (as you can see from the picture) “To all of our atheist friends: Thank God You’re Wrong” and also have a URL to the Answers in Genesis website. Ken Ham, the founder of this group of kooks, is quoted as […]


I fucking love science – An Interview with Elise Andrew

Back n March 2012, out of mischief and frustration, Elise Andrew started a Facebook page entitled “I Fucking Love Science”. She was in the final year of her biology degree at the University of Sheffield, “working on my dissertation and procrastinating as much as possible,” when a friend asked her to stop posting science stories on her Facebook page. “He told me I was boring the shit out of him and he was going to block me. He suggested I set up […]

elise andrew

Food gadgets – Which work and which don’t ?

Available these days are various gadgets that claim to save you money because they help to preserve fruit and veg for longer. Now when I use the term “gadget”, I do not mean some fancy bit of electronics, but rather a simple bit of plastic, cotton bag, or similar that is supposed to help preserve fruit and veg for longer. Do they actually work or is it simply the latest scam? I came across a Guardian Article where they proceeded […]

Fridge food saver

Malala Yousafzai

There is a rather interesting posting by a chap called Omar who describes himself thus … “I used to be a run of the mill upper middle class Pakistani destined to the standard humdrum fate. This blog is about escaping that fate.” … and escape he truly does, because he dishes out a few home truths. I’m about to post in its entirety his latest posting, entitled “Why Malala Yousafzai should not win the Nobel Prize”, but before I do I […]