Conversations with an ex-radical Islamist – Why did he change his mind? 2

Maajid Nawaz (pictured above), a former radical Islamist, now a liberal counter-extremism activist, and author of his autobiographical book ‘Radical’ , held an AMA (ask me anything) over at /reddit/r/books a few days ago, here are some of the questions and answers from that session. The Introduction to the AMA opened with this … My name is Maajid Nawaz. Some of you may have read my book ‘Radical’ (, others may have heard of the organisation I run called Quilliam, or indeed […]

Youth Radicalization Redefined At The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

Peter Tatchell talks about the personal cost of his activism

Peter Tatchell is a gay rights and also a human rights activist, who has courageously taken a consistently brave stand. In his mind human rights are universal, so regardless of who is doing the oppressing, he will speak up for the oppressed … and rightly so. As an example, he openly criticises Hamas for targeting civilians, and gets labelled a Zionist, and also criticises Israel for doing the same, and gets labelled a Islamist supporter. To understand what he goes though […]


The slow Torture of Raif Badawi by Saudi Arabia – #RaifBadawi

Saudi Arabia is in the news, and it is rather important to keep it there and ensure that the spotlight remains, not because of the passing of the baton of power (at the age of 90 King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz died yesterday), but rather due to them being a state that is, and has been for a very long time, ISIS incarnate. Really? Sadly yes … Is this a fair comparison? When it comes to breaching human rights, even the basics such […]

Raif Badawi

Top 12 weirdest expense claims

Nothing too serious today, but instead a bit of fun. The folks over at Accounting Web posted up the following request to their clients about 2 weeks ago … What’s the weirdest, most bizarre, or just plain odd expense a client has tried to claim, or receipt they’ve handed in?  We may have had a thread on this before but I wanted to see if clients had thrown anything new up this/last year… … and so from the comments under that […]


Making good choices – why do so many of us not do this?

Harriet Hall, the skeptic-doc, writes over on Science Based Medicine a fabulous article all about why people ignore the facts and instead buy into absurd ideas when it comes to making decisions that can potentially be the wrong side of the line between life and death. (Side note: she is a fascinating person, not only is she a doctor, but is also former U.S. Air Force flight surgeon who held the rank of a full Colonel). So anyway, what has inspired her here is this …(to use […]


Turkish Twitter whistleblower exposing corruption in Turkey

There is a twitter user who is spilling the innermost secrets of the corrupt Turkish Government, and you can even read the tweets in English as well. He claims he’s male, works alone, is part of Erdogan’s inner circle, and so has access to all that is going on. One source comments … “Fuat Avni’s consistent credibility has established him as a reliable source of information, The tweets are taken seriously because they have substance behind them; they predict something breaking […]