Raif Badawi’s deleted posts have today been published in a new book #FreeRaif

Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 10 years in jail and to also be whipped in public every Friday for simply blogging criticism of the religious clerics in Saudi Arabia,  has a new book published today … (sorry but in German). It is entitled – 1,000 lashes: Because I say what I think – and the description (translated) reads … Raif Badawi, a Saudi blogger, shared his thoughts on the internet about politics, religion and freedom. For this he was sentenced […]


Islamists hack another blogger to death in Bangladesh

Once again the religion of “Peace” strikes – the news is that Washiqur Rahman, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi blogger, was intercepted outside his home and hacked to death by three fanatical Islamists who are offended by his writings. The Washington Post reports … Police arrested two men in Rahman’s killing; a third suspected accomplice escaped. Bangladeshi media reports identify the arrested as two 22-year-old students at madrassas, or seminaries. A police statement detailed the supposed confession of the suspects, who reportedly admitted to killing Rahman “for […]


Enthralled by Conspiracy Theories

I don’t often agree with Mehdi Hasan, but when it comes to a recent article of his in the New Statesman, I find that I do. He is a devout Muslim, who when faced with the ongoing conspiracy dialog within the Muslim world, is finding that he is becoming quite frustrated by it all. He writes within his article as follows … Did you know that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Isis, was trained by Mossad and the CIA? Were […]


Clocks back 200 years in Indiana as they sign in the right to discriminate law 1

The signpost above is of course a joke and does not actually exist, and while we might laugh, we also need to remember that a rather serious point is being raised. So the context here is that Republican Gov. Mike Pence has just signed into law the freedoms for religious beliefs law. The very vocal opposition that has risen might indeed appear odd because they are not the first state to do this, and are in fact the 20th state, so why the […]


Handling the clash between “belief” and “reality” – A Gay Muslim goes to Mecca

The official position within most variations of the Abrahamic beliefs (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism), is that being gay is wrong and evil and so is also often deemed to be a lifestyle choice. This creates a huge conflict within many humans because it is not a choice, there are humans who have a different sexual orientation, and so when immersed within a cultural tradition that dictates that your very nature is wrong, then they need to somehow resolve this. First a few side […]


The CNN Atheist Report … the YouTube copy and a few notes

If you missed it, or you live outside the US and don’t have access to CNN, then here it is … How does it play out? We get to meet Mr & Mrs Gormley, and then their son David who is, unlike his parents, not religious, and that has been quite distressing for his parents. They then switch to an interview with Richard Dawkins, but then he is the go-to guy for all things atheist as far as the media are concerned, […]