Is Islamic Extremism the same as Atheist Extremism?

There is what appears on the surface to be a very strange claim in a Guardian article (24th Nov) written by Brian Whitaker entitled, “British fear of Islamists and Saudi fears about atheists are two sides of the same coin“. There are of course things that Brian writes that I do agree with,and so when I saw this it caught me by surprise. Ah but wait, all is not quite as it appears to be, here is what he actually wrote […]


Are we really better off believing in religious Myths? 6

An objection to reality that many of those that believe in gods will promote is the idea that people are better off if they embrace such myths. As an example we have a recent letter-to-the-editor type of format for this claim here in the Indiana Gazette … Science hasn’t proven the existence of God, but it shows conclusively that you’re much better off if you are a believer. In fact, in the next few moments, nonbelievers may find themselves praying […]


“Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List” has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication

Indeed yes, a scientific paper entitled “Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List” has been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. So the story here is that back in 2005 the authors,  David Mazières and Eddie Kohler, wrote this “paper” as a joke reply to the gazillions of emails they get from vanity journals and so when solicited for a submission they just send this back. The entire paper, all 10 pages is as above, a repeat of the phrase in question as an […]


Criticising Atheism from a position of complete and utter ignorance

If there was a topic you knew next to nothing about and perhaps felt negatively about, would you be confident enough to write a newspaper article based solely upon your own specific ignorance of the topic and end up making yourself the target of much well deserved mockery? I think many, if not most, regardless of belief or non-belief, would be inclined to at least google a bit and so verify things … but you know that for some, the desire […]


Noah’s Ark Theme Park … a nice little tax dodge scam 1

I previously wrote last August about the plans that the Creationist Museum has for building a life size replica of Noah’s Ark by using state funds. If you missed that and have no idea what I am on about, well these are the people who believe that 6,000 years ago a god created planet earth in just seven calendar days because that is what the bible says. If true then the Sumerians would have looked on in shock and confusion as […]

Classic Claim: Ex-atheist professor says God responsible for Big Bang

Yes, it is yet another “God-did-it” claim, and this time it is an article entitled “Ex-atheist professor says God responsible for Big Bang“. So here is what we have … NEW ORLEANS – A Tulane physics professor is working on a project that’s getting attention around the country – he’s trying to prove mathematically and through experimentation that God exists. Professor Frank Tipler has studied the universe for decades – from the splendor of the earth to the wonder of the […]