The top 10 things atheists wish Christians knew

Neil Carter, a former church elder who is now a skeptic and blogs over at Godless in Dixie, gave a great talk last year that was part of the Interview an Atheist at Church Day (May 5, 2013). This specific one was organised by the pastor of the Meadowbrook Church of Christ and is a great talk to listen to for those that do believe. In it he outlines the top 10 things that Atheists wish Christians knew … So if […]


Really daft claim: “Atheism Is a Religion, and Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos Seek Converts”

Just how truly weird can claims made by serious intelligent people become? The answer would appear to be really really weird, because this latest example is truly quite stunning. David Klinghoffer, an author and Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute, the organization that is the driving force behind the intelligent design movement has written an article within “Evolution News & Views”, the DI’s blog about the evidence for intelligent design criticisms of evolution. It is quite frankly a truly jaw-dropping collection of some astonishing assertions. So try […]


Daft Claim: Criticism of belief is bigotry and is like racism or homophobia

Kashif N Chaudhry, an  Muslim, writes that he carried out a social media experiment yesterday to see if new atheists’ onslaught on Yale Humanist Community was based on principle or prejudice. He concludes that verdict is out, and details it in his latest Huffington Post article. There he writes … Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extreme anti-Islam critic, well known for her bigoted views and dishonest generalizations of the Muslim faith.  OK, so as a Muslim he does not like the criticism his belief faces, I understand that, and so […]


Final message of woman executed in Iran

Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26, was hanged last Saturday despite an international campaign for her release over her seven years in prison. She was arrested in 2007 for the murder of Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former employee of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence. Reyhaneh Jabbari confessed to the murder immediately after her arrest, though she did not have a lawyer present at the time she made her confession. She stated that the murder took place in self-defence. In 2007, Sarbandi met then 19 year old Jabbari, […]


Can Jesus also save the Klingons?

OK, so I’m not really pondering the concept of salvation for the Klingons, but rather I’m mulling over what the discovery of alien life will do to existing religious beliefs. I’m not the first to think such thoughts, because Scientific American talked to Vanderbilt University astronomer David Weintraub, the author of a new book – Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will We Deal with It? (Springer Praxis Books, 2014). Yes, you can of course take the idea of salvation as a bit of […]


Claim: “There is empirical evidence for God”

In response to an article published on Oct 19 entitled “Separation of church and fate”, the Rev. Dr. Richard L. Shaw has written a letter to the Asbury Park Press in which he claims … The Oct. 19 article in the @issue section of the Press, “Separation of church and fate,” by the public relations director for American Atheists Inc. is a paradigm of special pleading. In flaunting the use of evidence versus Christianity, his examples ignore the heavy weight of empirical evidence […]