“Staff very unfriendly”

If you run a Hotel then it means that you will indeed meet all sorts of people, some of course will be very nice and a true delight to meet, others will be complete twats. One such example of the latter category involves a review on Trip Advisor for the following hotel … A Mr Pat Houlihan who stayed had a rather bad experience, and so he was sufficiently motivated to leave the following rather negative review  … Wow … staff […]

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Six types of atheists … some further thoughts.

Back in July two researchers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga considered the idea that atheists and agnostics fell into distinct categories, so they conducted a study to find out what those categories were. From this they identified six different types (yes, I blogged about it before). It attracted rather a lot of attention at the time, for example a CNN story on it here generated lots of comments, tweets and Facebook shares, ah but that was then and this […]

Test: How can you determine if you are a feminist?

Rebecca Searles has a rather simple little test on the HuffPo for you to use to determine if you are a Feminist. Now don’t panic, it’s fracking simple, so buckle up your seatbelts,because here it is …   See, I told you it was easy … so did you pass?  


The “Biblical Definition of Marriage” is not what you think it is

Often when debating believers, a rather common tact taken is to hear something akin to the following declaration, “OK, you as an Atheist can do whatever you want, but I much prefer decency as defined in the Bible“. That of course is the cue to point out that the Bible endorses genocide and slavery as jolly good ideas, and so endorsing the Bible as your “moral standard” might not mean what you think it means at all. There are also […]

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The best Bible App … is rather popular with Atheists.

One of the most popular apps around is YouVersion. This is a free Bible app that contains over 700 different translations and has been downloaded by 115 million people, so is perhaps one of the most popular apps out there. Well yes, so there are lots of religious people, but then you knew that anyway. Now what is rather interesting is that one demographic that this is rather popular with are the non-believers, and to illustrate that point, the Washington Post […]


Having the right hosting company really matters …

Sharon Hill has been writing about the horrendous experience she has had inflicted upon her by her previous web-hosting provider in the past couple of days… I spent a harrowing Friday and Saturday moving my Doubtful News site to a new host after a crapload of issues from my existing host … The final straw came from their horrendous and incompetent response to a bogus copyright complaint by a “psychic” businesswoman who claimed infringement by use of her trademark in our web post. […]