Asking Evangelicals to explain exactly why they openly support Trump is an interesting question because it is indeed quite fascinating to see how they can happily embrace the idea that Trump, a seriously morally impaired individual, is the best possible choice. It should perhaps not surprise us because religion does have a […]

How do Evangelicals Justify Supporting Trump?

Having read about a poll of Republicans that reveals that 57% of them would very much like to dismantle the Constitution and instead establish a Christian theoracry, I’m perhaps in one sense not surprised because I was aware that some do indeed embrace that view. However, I do wonder about the number being as high as […]

Poll: 57% Of Republicans Say Dismantle Constitution

Rather a lot of beliefs do not lean on evidence, but instead are castles of confidence that are built upon something distinctly different. I’m not specifically talking about religion, so what am I getting at? OK, let’s work a few examples. Myth: Vaccines cause Autism I need not go into the history […]

Why do we believe stuff that is not true?

Steve Novella has written an article that grants us a really good insight into the recent GMO wars that have been taking place within social media. The quick summary is this … the Facebook page, We Love GMOs and Vaccines, was permanently taken down by Facebook and its founder, Stephan Neidenbach, […]

Facebook page “We Love GMOs and Vaccines” permanently taken down by Facebook