1. Skeptical Science Podcast Poll | Consilience

    […] is a quick note to ask you to pop on over to Skeptical Science and cast your vote for your favourite Science / Scepticism podcast (Consilience, obviously). […]

  2. Wow, this is a great resource for finding new podcasts. I’m going to give the ones I haven’t heard of a quick listen over the coming weeks and I’m sure I’ll become a regular listener of many new podcasts.

  3. John

    Yes, The Thinking Atheist podcast is hands down one of the best. Seth’s radio experience shines through and he puts together a phenomenal show. It’s a must listen to podcast for me and it’s a huge oversight to not include it in this list.

  4. Ed

    Love the Thinking Atheist also. I’m a fan of the Non Prophets, but somehow I missed them when scrolling down the list.

  5. Dave Gamble

    OK, I’ve added “The Thinking Atheist” to the list … so folks can start voting for them now as well.

  6. Josiah

    Meant to vote for Living After Faith, too. I love that podcast. Any way I can go back and change that?

  7. Whether or not Scam School is technically a “Skeptical Podcast,” I do think it’s appropriate here. A big part of skepticism for me is learning about how people can be fooled. Brian does a great job of teaching that in a really fun way.

  8. This is a great tool. Thanks.
    I listen to a lot of podcasts…many are irritating banter…I prefer meaty, content rich podcasts. From your survey, I see there is agreement. My two favorite Podcasts are not freethought, but have a great model: GayUSA and Democracy NOW.

  9. This is a great list of podcasts. Like Mickey (above), I prefer “meaty, content rich” podcasts. My favorites in that category are Point of Inquiry, Freethought Radio, and Skepticality. The Atheist Experience has great podcasters, but….they spend way too much time with bad callers. I was hopeful they’d do better with the Non-prophets, but again, great talent with an irritating, banter-heavy format.

    Just realized one of my favorites isn’t here: Brain Science Podcast. Not sure she’s still doing it, but, old episodes will NEVER be out of date.

  10. Hi, I hope you will forgive the plug, but I think you would like to check out the In Vino Veritas Podcast. Jason Brown and I have worked really hard to launch this, we’re brand new and we’d appreciate a little support getting off the ground!

    It’s tipsy, a bit rude, and hopes to be entertainment for skeptics rather than another news, science or educational ‘cast. So far the feedback has been fantastic, though it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

    In Vino Veritas: Three bottles of wine. Two skeptics. One podcast.

  11. Emenia

    Cannot. Make up. Mind.

    It’s between RI, skeptics with a K, SGU and geologic *cries* I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH.

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