Weeping in utter frustration – anti-evolution bills on the NH legislative agenda!!!

The National Centre for Science Educaion reports

Antievolution bills are on the horizon in New Hampshire. Included on a list (PDF) of legislative service requests dated June 14, 2011, are two requests to have antievolution bills drafted for the 2012 legislative session. LSR 2012-H-2176-R, submitted by Jerry Bergevin (R-District 17), asks for a bill “requiring the teaching of evolution in public schools as a theory”; LSR 2012-H-2320-R, submitted by Gary Hopper (R-District 7), asks for a bill “requiring instruction in intelligent design in the public schools.”

Seriously!! … drafting laws to mandate the teaching of religious fiction as science fact is complete and utter lunacy.

Now least you wonder and take the “teach all points of view” stance, lets be 100% clear about this …

  • The number of papers published in credible peer-reviewed science journals that support natural selection = way too many to count (key “evolution” into PubMed; it will give you hundreds of thousands of hits)
  • The number of papers published in credible peer-reviewed science  journals that support intelligent design = zero.

Now, that tells you all you need to know, need I say more?

I can only wonder what comes next. Should the above bills pass into law, then perhaps NH should also consider the following proposals:

  • In an effort to save aviation fuel, how about repealing the law of gravity
  • To ensure all views are presented, perhaps also pass laws that mandate the teaching of stork theory as the viable alternative to explain human reproduction
  • Ah heck lets go from broke and draft a declaration that makes it mandatory for Pi to always be exactly 3.

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