Did Sean Spicer Really re-tweet an Onion Article?

The Onion did a nice bit of satire all about the new US White House press secretary, Sean Spicer. The very fact that you most probably do indeed already know the name of the White House press secretary is a bit of a flag that highlights just how extraordinary are the […]

Unintended consequences

Often people as individuals, or groups, or companies, or governments, make decisions that in context look very sensible, pragmatic and practical. Sometimes however things then pop up to illustrate that the full consequences of a choice had not been thought through very carefully. With a hat tip to Tim K, here […]

Daft Claim: The Bible trumps Science

Young earth creationist Ken Ham, the chap who is famous for spending over £100 million to build a life-sized replica of Noah’s ark, is on twitter. If you tap into his feed then you will discover that while you will not be informed, you will at times be entertained by his quirky eccentric […]

The #IgNobel awards have been announced

This year’s Ig Nobel awards have been announced. No, not Nobel, but Ig Nobel, because these are spoof awards, but the research that gets an Ig Nobel is wholly real. The fact that the scientific community is prepared to both mock and laugh at itself is indeed both praiseworthy and truly […]

Protecting the privacy of cows

This is not a serious posting, and I am not making any specific point. Instead it is something funny that caught my eye. Automated software solutions can at times results in unintended consequences and this is one such example, Google street view software takes individual privacy seriously (quick rightly) and so […]

Some Twitter Fun

Nothing too serious today and instead just a bit of twitter fun. Many organisations see twitter as an opportunity to reach out to their customers, but hey, people are people and so the observation that everybody is “normal” until you get to know them can at times prove to be […]