If your baby is crying, don’t stick pins in it – #acupuncture does not work

The subject line might strike you as a tad obvious, but a new study published by the journal, BMJ Acupuncture in Medicine, appears to claim that this is exactly what you should do, and asserts that their latest study proves this. Many media outlets in the US have been promoting this, but […]

Is a Fake News Vaccine really possible?

The BBC reports on a recently published study as follows … A University of Cambridge study devised psychological tools to target fact distortion. Researchers suggest “pre-emptively exposing” readers to a small “dose” of the misinformation can help organisations cancel out bogus claims. Stories on the US election and Syria are […]

Why is the reemergence Andrew Wakefield dangerous? – #vaccines

For some, just the name “Andrew Wakefield” is guaranteed to provoke a reaction, and so his attendance at one of the Trump inaugural balls did just that. He is often billed as a vaccine skeptic, but I would seriously argue that this is an abuse of the term skeptic because there […]

Good Thinking Society Responds to UK MP

UK Member of Parliament, David Tredinnick, is a very big advocate for alternative medicine. His Wikipedia page lays out just how deeply into this he is … Tredinnick supports alternative medicine including homeopathy and chiropractic.[11] In October 2009, he told Parliament that blood does not clot under a full moon; a spokesperson for the Royal College of Surgeons of England warned […]

What is the best way to debunk fake Videos?

Viral fake videos abound because they tickle our imagination. So how do you effectively debunk one? If you were faced with a talking head where somebody proceeds to debunk it fact by fact, then most eyes will rapidly glaze over and the vast majority will simply move on. Is there […]

Unintended consequences

Often people as individuals, or groups, or companies, or governments, make decisions that in context look very sensible, pragmatic and practical. Sometimes however things then pop up to illustrate that the full consequences of a choice had not been thought through very carefully. With a hat tip to Tim K, here […]