Daft Claim: “Atheists slaughtered millions” 1

Over on the National Catholic Register Angelo Stagnaro rants for a bit on the claim that Atheist’s are vile evil people who did truly vile things. It is worth mulling over for a bit because it reveals how our use of language can and does enable some to fall into a bit of rather flawed thinking. […]

Premier Christianity Interviews Derren Brown

This is from last September and I’ve just found it. As a bit of background … Premier Christianity is a well-established monthly Christian magazine published in the United Kingdom Derren Brown (whom I suspect almost all of you do know about) is an English mentalist and illusionist who is also openly gay. He started out in his teens as […]

Christians vs Atheists, the movie

You might perhaps be wondering what this drama is all about. For those in the know it all comes down to that one-man incarnation of religious eccentricity, Mr Ray Comfort. He is also rather famously known to some as “The Banana Man” due to a previous evangelist career highlight where […]

Billy Graham advises on how to convert an Atheist? 1

Christian Daily has a rather revealing article that grants an insight into the inner workings of religious belief within the human mind. Billy Graham, the quite famous and now also quite elderly evangelist, was recently asked for advice by somebody on how they could win over and convert an atheist friend. […]

“What the hell is wrong with him?”

John Kasich, the Ohio Governor and also former Presidential candidate, made a bit a news recently. While on a tour of downtown Exeter, he entered a bookstore, saw a Harry Potter book, and then commented … “You know that Daniel [Radcliffe] has declared himself an atheist?” Kasich said to no one in particular. “I’m serious. […]

Rejecting “Atheist” money … again! …WWJD?

A few days ago I was writing about the Murrow Indian Children’s Home that rejected a donation because it was being offered by a non-religious person. I truly thought I was done, and that was the end of the story, but no, the saga continues to roll, and so here are a […]